Stubborn Hyper Pigmentation and Sensitive to sunscreen Treatments

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  1. Currently I am using OTC Differen Gel. I want to also use a chemical exfoliant to promote skin cell turnover, even my skin tone, and hopefully reduce a Post Inflamtory Hyperpigmentation spot. My dermatologist gave me pads that are 2% Salicylic and 2% Glycolic. How would I use these products together and not make my skin super dry. I'm afraid that the chemical exfoliant might make the PIH worse. Im thinking I should wash with a gentle cleanser and then apply differen Monday – Saturday nights and then on Sunday night I wash with a cleanser and use the chemical exfoliant pad.

  2. Just curious if anyone has issues with sunscreen causing your face to feel tight and a burning sensation after applying a few hours later. I have used, Elta MD( Physical) and (Elements)mineral sunscreen that gives me same symptoms. could it be an allergy to titanium dioxide and or zinc oxide? I am beyond frustrated. I have melasma and know sunscreen is a must but have no idea what sunscreen brands to use. If anyone has any advice i would be so appreciated.

  3. Loved this video, could you please make a video on dark pigmentation o the upper lip for people with ethnic skin? what kind of products are safe to use etc…

  4. What type of soft gel can i buy any suggestions 😔 i have some on my face I don’t know if its melasma or freckles i need help please ❤️❤️

  5. This can be as a result of hormonal imbalances.
    A doctor who specializes in hormonal issues should be sought.
    Dermatologists' treatment does not go to the root of the issue.

  6. Time Stamps are in the description below the video. I am doing my own experiment with supplements . Let's see how it turns out! What did you think of this new treatment? Those of you who CANNOT WEAR SUNSCREEN, PLEASE WATCH THIS!

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