STOMACH CHURNING Blocked Ear Wax Removal in Narrow Ear Canal – Ep 308

This stomach churning blocked ear wax removal extraction procedure is performed by UK pioneer and world leading endoscopic ear wax removal specialist Mr …


  1. Oh Neel. Neel, Neel, Neel. You engaged in that epic tug of war with that huge beast of a blob of earwax only to fall at the final hurdle. You manage eventually to pull it almost out of the ear, and then deny everyone the triumphant moment where it could have been brought out in one satisfying piece, by smooshing it into bits with the spoon.😖😖 I'm saddened. I will still watch your videos coz I'm a strange weirdo who needs these in her life, but disappointed.very disappointed.

  2. There is a safer easier way. I sit on the tub with as hot a water temp as I can bear. Next, I use a big plastics syringe, and squirt in my ear until it melts out. The hotter the quicker glhf it's so easy! Don't be scared!

  3. Does it bother anyone that he doesn't show the content when he pills it out? I'm the only one bother by the fact that the ear isn't "clean" in the end?

  4. Huem…I just can’t seem to give this a thumbs up w/o being able to see the huge bulk of gunk afterwards…it really caused a half-satisfying effect for me😕It was a HUGE build up to a let down. like….if I were a man…the end was a boner-kill😳
    ‘Really needed to see that but huge ball of grotesque for the full effect. 😬

  5. ☝️😷 How are you, Neel? Always a pleasure seeing your Audiology Work. I was wondering if you would be open to a couple of *NEW CHANGE on your Youtube Channel for us Viewers/Subscribers? Just to give your remarkable video content a new perspective & bring some rejuvenation to the video's we often viewed for some time. •1) Can you please upload more "Earwax Removal Extractions" Video's each week (some that are more lengthy & challenging like the previous clips)? Also, would you be open to doing some "Voice Commentary" during most of your "Earwax Removal Extractions" that you diligently perform on your Client's. However, We ALL appreciate the time it takes for you to upload High Quality/Edited Videos. As well as documenting the Diagnoses & Post-Procedure Notation. Thank you kindly in advance for your consideration to my requests. Keep on sharing the most awesome video's. Peace Bro!…✌😎

  6. 😂 C'mon Neel! You really got me that time. As you labeled this Procedure a "Stomach Churning" Earwax Removal. I waited…and waited! …I waited again! Expecting you to pull out a cockroach or something foul out of that Client's Ear Canal. I can say the least that I'm more happy to see you finally upload a more longer length & challenging Earwax/Cerumen video like in the past. However, I'm trying to figure out why you decided to title this particular procedure as "Stomach Churning"? Hmm! 🤔 Thanks for sharing tho'!

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