Stephen Raisner Tours Organic Innovations Aquaponic Cannabis Grow

Stephen Raisner from Potent Ponics and The Growing with Fishes Podcast joins us to tour the Organic Innovations cultivation center in Oklahoma.


  1. I feel like it would be simpler to just have a big pond full of fish and just pump the water into raised beds through a sprinkler system at a frequent rate. Float valve on the pond to replace dirty water with tap water. Then you don’t need bio filters or air pumps or water chillers. You might use more water but it would be cheaper in electricity. Like drip to waste except with fish water. Is there any reason the water needs to go back to the fish?

  2. Absolutely stunning…. I have been contemplating my next setup for my personal at home grow and i had been leaning towards a super soil setup over a hydro .. I've been listening to more and more AP grows but actually seeing this one I'm pretty sure it just stole the show for me.. I will be giving a go at AP as soon as we have all of our full seasons planted outdoors…. Thanks for the amazing video and podcast

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