SPY KID TURNED MLM REP?!… Alexa Vega and Young Living

Unfortunately we have lost another to a MLM, but this scenario is a little more serious than that. In this video I want to examine Alexa Villa’s relationship with …


  1. I think the only essential oil I’ve ever witnessed working myself personally was clove oil, used it on a tooth infection, clove oil is a common remedy for dental pain, it genuinely worked and was well welcomed after suffering for days 😂😭
    Never once did I attempt to ingest the oil though, how can someone think that’s okay ….
    But yeah, I’ve seen some of these people claim that essential oils cure depression or anxiety, like, if that was the case, I would of brought every oil under the sun by now not to suffer with mental health, it’s offensive for anyone suffering mentally or physically because it paints a picture of these problems being easily fixed with oils …..

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  3. HOL UP….CARLOS FROM BTR IS HER HUSBAND 😭😳😳 I did not put this together until reading comments

  4. This is so sad to see a celebrity using their platform to promote an MLM and make money through deceiving people.

    Personally, as someone with very sensitive skin and scent based allergies I could never use these products. I probably wouldn't be able to spend time in her house if the essential oils were infused through the air.

  5. The Spy Kids movies are more of just a fuzzy memory from my childhood (I think I saw one of the movies in theaters), but I mainly remember Alexa Vega from Repo! The Genetic Opera and oooh buddy, girl, pal, you might as well consume Zydrate too because it's just about as good to put in your body as those oils you're shilling.

  6. I have said it before and I will say it again, a lot of essential oils react in the sunlight! It can lead to chemical burns! This is especially true with citrus oils

  7. 30 drops of oil in your 1 ounce tub of moisturizer?? That is insane, but I guess it gets you to go through product faster and spend more. I put 5-10 drops in an entire bathtub of water.

  8. I dunno why, but her Q&A with the baby screamed I am an antivaxxer. And imagine thinking you need to use a nutmeg essential oil for baking when the spice is right there.

  9. I’m not sure on the potency of the oils from YL but I will say if I remember correctly (it’s been a couple of years) when I was studying aromatherapy massage at college (in the UK) we used 2-3 drops of 3 pure oils (9 drops in total) to 30mls of a carrier oil such as grape seed for a full body aromatherapy massage. This was because essential oils are potent & can be harmful if not used correctly. We also had to go through an extensive consultation to carry out the treatment to ensure the client was safe to receive it.

  10. When I was younger I remember looking up “how to make your belly appear smaller” and there was a lot of things about how to make bloating go down. One of them was “get peppermint oil and mix it with a lotion and rub it on your stomach everyday” so I looked In the medicine cabinet and found peppermint oil, the very potent kind for aroma, mixed it with a jergen’s lotion and rubbed it ALL over my stomach. Probably 2 mins later I had the most overwhelming burning sensation and 5 mins later I was doubling over in pain. The burn itself didn’t go away for a couple of days. After that experience I litterally try not to get it on my fingers if I’m using my diffuser. Lol

  11. Maybe she is telling people to "research" because she knows that people who do actually google and read articles about YL will find the truth meanwhile she is still getting paid by them…🤔 I dont expect docs to know everything either but I will def take their advice over some rando slinging oils, makeup, SHAKES. great video.

  12. I once put cinnamon essential oil behind my ear and it literally burned my skin and was EXTREMELY painful.

  13. My auntie is a very ~granola~ type older lady and she mentioned a few months ago that she was out of lemon essential oil because she’s been using it all in her water…her daughter, me, and my sister (a nurse) were all like nooooo please don’t hurt your body that way. We asked her why she didn’t just use fresh lemon, or even like a squeeze bottle or juice, and she was just like “well the oil is good for you”. Fortunately we convinced her to stop doing it, but I shudder to think of all the people that do/think the same way but don’t have people around them to talk sense into them.

  14. No more blue kitchen and Alexa is involved in young living?! This has to be the saddest video ever.

    But also congrats on your new house !

  15. When I volunteered at a summer camp my camp director suggested using Teatree oil in your shampoo and conditioner to keep away lice but she said only use one to two drops not thirty

  16. I had a whole debate about if you can consume essential oils with someone who claims their parents are a holistic doctor and an aroma therapist, I had studies from reputable medical sites and aromatherapists saying you shouldn’t consume essential oils and it harmful but her saying “I should know haha my parents are experts lol” I just thought if her parents are who she says they are and truly say that they’re harming people and going against the majority of their colleagues

  17. A few years ago, I tried using Young Living’s lavender essential oil to treat my acne (before I knew about MLMs). I put it on my face and applied sunscreen over top. My face got badly burnt. I even reapplied my sunscreens few hours later. I found out a few weeks later that lavender oil can cause some people’s skin to be extremely sensitive to the sun and cause them to get burnt easily, even with sunscreen on. I stopped using it after I found this out. I will never use an essential oil on my face again.

  18. Congrats on getting your home!!! If you have the space you could set up a new filming spot and maybe have some blue decorations and keep the whole blue theme.

  19. I think you should film in a corner or closet or something decorated all blue and say “welcome back to my blue corner/blue corner of YouTube” or something like that 🥰😂

  20. I think ppl that end up "working" for these companies are trying to find purpose in their life n need something to excited about. Not trying to be rude but I do tend to see this trend

  21. Personally, I believe aromatherapy can help with relaxation, sleep, headaches, etc, but that's it, and you always have to be careful when using essential oils and I recommend buying them from non mlm companies. I think the best way to use essential oils is diffusers, preferably fan diffusers rather than heating diffusers.

  22. Edit: oh my god please don’t put EOs in water!! They’re oil soluble and hydrophobic! They won’t dissolve into your water, they’re just going to sit on the surface. This means you are consuming them neat – undiluted. Very dangerous. Just don’t consume essential oils please.

    30 drops of essential oil is WAY too many for a 1 oz tub. You really have to be careful of dilution ratios (and it changes for different oils! Different essential oils have different sized drops. 10 drops of lemon EO is going to be a different volume than 10 drops of frankincense EO, which affects your dilution ratio. It’s actually pretty difficult to get exact ratios using drops because they’re so small, so it’s best to err on the side of less). Most reliable health sources will say that SHOULD NOT use improperly diluted or neat (not diluted) EOs on any part of your body. There is some contention regarding certain EOs like tea tree and lavender, but personally, I would err on the side of caution. Make sure your EOs are safe for whatever you’re using them for (don’t consume them, don’t use them on mucus membranes, dilute them correctly) and always make sure you do a patch test before using them on any large portion of your skin.

    How to do a patch test: put a small amount of the product on your skin (I usually use my wrist, wrists are pretty typical), leave it on for a while (I usually do at least half an hour, some products give you instructions), rinse it off and wait a day. If you experience itchiness or redness before the time is up, rinse it off. If you experience a reaction within the twenty four hours, don’t use that product.

  23. This may have been brought up in the comments but quite a few essential oils are phototoxic which means that when exposed to the sun, they can cause irritation and sunburn like burns. I already knew this but last week I had a minor but painful chemical burn from misusing a skin care product (100% my fault) and when I was Googling various phrases using "chemical burn," a lot of the images were of burns from phototoxic essential oils and so many of them were on the face. Did she even warn of this? Does Young Living even warn of this? I use essential oils for the fragrances and was introduced to essential oil safe usage beforehand and the companies I purchase from are very strict on safety unlike Young Living and Doterra. I can easily view their oils on their websites and get all the safety information that I need from phototoxicity warnings to age restrictions and even to blood thinning potentials. Natural =|= safe.
    As well, adding oils to a product not meant for additional products then makes the preservative and emulsifier ratios not applicable to the new quantity, meaning that the preservatives are no longer effective or as effective and the emulsifier (if there is one) is no longer as effective either so the oils may not blend as well and create higher concentrations (or basically undiluted) spots. A drop or two may not make a difference, but 30 drops in that tiny amount will make a huge difference. Sunscreen is not something to screw around with either. Let the professionals handle that.

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