Spinal stenosis: Mayo Clinic Radio

On the Mayo Clinic Radio podcast, Dr. Bradford Currier, a Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon, discusses treatment options for a common cause of back pain, spinal …


  1. What about tremor in the hand, small motor from a stenosis in the cervical spine? Today I had a mild procedure for LSS. I have a sometimes severe tremor when using my right hand. Eating, measuring when cooking, writing, flipping an egg. I have been through the Parkinson's Disease treatment but down graded to a symptom related something but not PD. Good. But the tremor remains.

  2. what I dont understand is why the HELL do they keep doing un-natural fusions where high % have pain rest of life, when they can and "need" to demand approval for implants instead, that would not lead to as much life pain and would be more natural.. and its BS why they wont other than INSURANCE NOT wanting to pay. IT IS NOT new. And it is true that like 65% of fusions DO cause ongoing issues and why not. It creates a non-movement issue. and sadly many of the surgeons who do hard core with fusions ONLY want to do that because they simply do not DO the other kind, not because its best… i could have had a fusion but instead i had a decompression of the spine, they worked on the nerves and compressed also 5 of the bottom lumbars as well and the S1. no problem. nerves work up from being pinched which was painful for about a week when that happened. Then 2 yrs later another side of the spinal cord area has gone bad. I tried to get a ring implant and INSURANCE WOULD NOT PAY last time. Doc told me i could become unstable. now i am….. grrrr… not having fusion! now i am in wheelchair and i guess have to fight insurance company again to give me that implant. THEY do not want that cause MFG rips everyone off cost about 30+k for it! for a simple small metal ring so i can walk again… its a crock! i dont have pain now. just major pressure. They rather see me die i guess or live life IN pain limited still than to give me the ring and let me live again and walk again without lifetime pain from fusions. Those are the issue we have as patients.

  3. I have severe spinal stenosis, L4 L5 S1 and about 4 yrs back i had a ruptured disc. I was in so much pain i couldnt walk. Holding a pocket book was painful, going up and down in an elevator when going to my dr.killed me. standing killed me. I couldnt think straight literally.

  4. This is the best program and explanation ever! Thank you, doctor and Mayo Clinic for giving us the respect about our back problems and options to treat them.

  5. Thanks very much for this. Very clear and insightful. I have had Spinal stenosis for years and just in the last 2 years has it become very painful. I have now had….

    1.Radiofrequency ablation
    2. CT Scan
    3. Tried Cymbalta….stopped it after a month due to side effects.
    4. Had a MRI done March 03, 2020.
    5. Finally had a cortisone shot into my L5 S1 joint March 05, 2020

    Next up is another visit to my back doctor March 12, 2020 for a new consultation.

  6. Im 19 with lumbar spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, schmorls nodes, fibromyalgia and RA. I have no pain or numbness in my hands or feet but alot of pain in my back muscles especially at night. Ive had the symptoms for 4 years but didnt have insurance until last year and still havnt had surgery. Its strange how I can have the stenosis with no limb symptoms.

  7. I am being treated for lumbar spinal stenosis with Gabapentin 3200 milligrams a day it does help. What are the ramifications of this drug?

  8. This is the most informative information I have come across prior to undergoing an operation for lumbar stenosis in the next couple of months. Many thanks for all who presented this video.

  9. I have both. Unable to work for 5 years, surgery is not an option. All other treatments did not work. I was a very active person but now can barely do anything. The weight came on quickly. My doctor stopped pain killers because of the opioid crisis. My condition was exacerbated by a violent sexual assault. I wish I could find some help.

  10. I have the spinal stenosis, lumbar is 9mm and was told it will get worse, cervical is at 9 and have had the fusion of the 4,5,and 6 cervical spine . Dr said it won’t get rid of the pain but you will get some mobility back . That was the biggest understatement of the century! Now I have a fatty tumor on my spine from all the steroid injections ! No one knows the pain I deal with everyday, unless you are dealing with it also , and Tylenol will not touch it .

  11. Very informative. Thank you! (I found that every time your guest said the word ‘cord’, he reminded me of Kermit. Lol)

  12. Though my spine specialist showed me the 3-D X-ray, all I know is that I spinal stenosis, it can be extremely painful for me and somedays my spine doesn’t hurt. I just “entered” my 5th decade of life and have no idea when this happened weather birth or jarring of the spine. I do need to loose weight and have been able to get under 200 before. When I weighed 250 pounds I don’t ever remember wanting to crawl into the fetal position, cry and yack.
    I still have to find out if I have any arthritis in my spine. I was born with mild spinal bifida and I have a 11cm gap in my left hip.
    I’d like to believe I have a high tolerance for pain, the bad part if I really do, is when the pain hits ugh 😫
    I need to find exercises that help along with any PT that will help.

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