Space Tote Critical Purple Kush Timelapse Grow

NOTE: The following documentary depicts legal cannabis horticulture within the state of California under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This video is for …


  1. Yes beautiful purple but sure seems like the plant should be taller than what it is for a pot that size? Or does this strain normally grow that size?also is this seedsman version? Thanks

  2. I have so many questions as I’m going to try this in a months time, with the light system does the exhaust on the lights leak odor? Do those need to have a charcoal filter laid over them? Will that make the light heat up too much? Can a charcoal filter be added to the exhaust fan that’s cut into the top container? How do you secure down the light? Do you need a mini dehumidifier?

  3. I got about 3 ounces of AAA+ flower off my Critical Purple from Growers Choice under a 600 watt led and 4 T12’s (2 T12 lights on each side of plant with led in middle I also got a Tangerine Dream a month behind the CP and she’s turning out to be just as big. A 2000 watt led fell from top of tent onto my TD basically destroyed main stalk luckily had a nice branch not harmed and made that into my main stalk and when she went into flower she was about 8-9 inches and after the pre flower stretch she’s now 30 inches imagine if the main stalk never got damaged🥴 would have been doubled in size also the CP in beginning had a PH lock out for about 4-5 days it showed no growth but it did on the fifth day after a flush with peroxide and she to went from 8-9 inches to 32 inches and also 26’ wide so if I didn’t have the lock out I probably would have gotten a Quarter pound easily

  4. You sound like Hamilton from Hamilton's pharmacopeia which makes it impossible listen to you. thank God for subtitles. keep doing what your doing. I like your content

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