SOLAR LOCKDOWN: Plandemic & Grand Solar Minimum

A “SOLAR LOCKDOWN” has been announced across media outlets, and Forbes even declares we should fear! But why? And what is a Grand Solar Minimum …


  1. Another fantastic podcast Christian.
    Although there all fantastic this one was probably the best you're sent out yet

    Been a follower to your channel for a while now religiously,
    But this pod seems to encase all you have talked about.
    TRUTH doesn't LIE.

  2. HeavyMetalPedalvor 10 Stunden”To achieve World Government, it is necessary to remove from the Minds of Men, their Individualism, Loyalty to Family Traditions, National Patriotism and Religious Dogmas.” – Brock Chisholm, Director UN World Health Organization (1948-53)


  3. Around 10:00 where you talk about geo physical occurances, namely volcanos, I would surmise that, as witnessed with Mount St. Helens, the volcanic blowoff obscured the sunlight substancially and created a lot of the weather anomalies across the world. I posture that the constant cloud seeding around the world is magnifying any solar minimums we are experiencing. One of the reasons I believe this is happening is to create a food shortage.

  4. @26:40 you mention hijacking of Walmart trucks, this interesting since this has been what has been happening to our aide in Africa for decades.. a sign of democratic socialism.. and they want to cut all production in half… many people will die and they dont give two shits either.. that is the real tragedy..

  5. Thanks for this good info. Garden is starting to grow. Sun is starting to shine more. Thanks also for the crop map info as well. Sounds like the data changes frequently like the virus data.

  6. Its true on growing change. My stuff is just not thriving. It's still like March temps and way to much rain. This is extreme ne Oklahoma. Crop fields are follow or corn is only 4 inches high.

  7. Hi Christian!

    2 Prophecies are about to be fulfilled during next week end of the Pentecost:

    1. DARKNESS as in ISAIAH 53
    Darkness starts all over the
    World at NOON, MAY 29 thru
    May 31 NOON!!! You must
    immediately 🔐 your doors,
    totally cover your windows ,
    stay inside, particles in the air
    are unhealthy for you so-o-o,
    keep your pets inside using
    Old towels or potty pads!!

    Have 2 or 3 🕯🕯🕯candles
    of wax to see your hand in front of your face!!!!!
    During these 72 hrs, no power,
    no ambulances, no electricity,
    Cars, subway, elevator, or 📞!

    2. The Divide of our Land. 6:00 pm,
    6 hours after the Darkness
    begins~~~~~the Divide of our
    Land by an earthquake ( in 2,
    from the Canadian border
    straight down thru the New
    Madrid Fault Line states and
    Continuing to the Gulf of
    Mexico with the mighty River,
    Mississippi, flooding totally
    Out most of the state,Louisiana
    Harm to the Mississippi State,
    flooding out Pensacola, FL+ the
    main states harmed each in the
    Divide with a 50’ crack! During
    there will be horrific thunder and
    lightning storms + perhaps an
    eruption of the Yellowstone
    since the bison have left the

  8. First time in a long time I've been able to watch one of your videos and not TOTALLY freak out! I think it is because I'm finally feeling sufficiently prepped and my garden is planted and doing well. I increased my garden space about 4x this year because of all your warnings. Thanks!!! 💞

  9. Who wants to bet we don't hear much about the so-called "Global Warming" anymore 🙂 Vertical indoor gardening may be what we need to be doing too, just in case of the monster melon hailstorms and/or flooding situations. Sure wish I had the $ to retrofit an old 2 story building into a growing center….

    STAY WELL 73

  11. Question… does anyone know if Alaska would be a good place to be in this Grand minimum? My daughter and family want us to come there from Florida. Son in law is military and wants to stay there when he retires in 3 years.

  12. Yes there will be many large earthquakes before the famine takes place and I estimate that sometime within the next few months we'll see some large earthquakes taking place in California and after that the trip hammer will be coming down.

  13. Yup, talking points sent out overnight and then all the msm say the same things, same phrases. No real talk about increasing cold over decades, crop failures, famine, increasing cloud cover (which I have already noticed).

  14. I live in Canada near railroad tracks. For the last couple of months I have noticed grain exports have gone up drastically. Every second train is grain whereas in the past it was more like every 10th train was. I informed the gov't that with the world food crisis they should stop all grain exports because they may be charged with treason. Grain exports haven't slowed at all.

  15. Corn is our major crop here. Why? For our slaughter animals, to fatten em up quickly. Corn is all sugar so it’s akin to feeding them candy bars. Not even supposed to be a part of their diet. They, food industries, put exponential amounts of corn syrup in their packaged products. They sell well when sugar is added. So we most assuredly don’t need massive cropland for corn. Meat slaughtering practices are going to have to change. This pandemic is because of meat consumption. Because of sloppy handling of animals whilst killing them. Also know that 80% of antibiotics sold by Pharma is for slaughter animals. There’s their vested interest in meat production. This planet can no longer sustain a meat, every freaking meal, eating society! Jane Goodall correctly said that man has brought this upon himself. The earth has always found a way to rid itself of parasitic life forms. Humans are the epitome of a parasitic life form. Fracking the heck outta this place, to name one injustice. Razing forestland for more area for burger producing animals. Raping the ocean. Who knew it’d be a microscopic bug eh? Not Americans’ Hollywood worthy ending. Nope, a bug to bug us on outta here. I’m ret to go!

  16. I am very glad that all this food is going bad and dying because it was all GMO anyway and we don't need to be feeding that to our people and we need to get back to having our own front yard Gardens and help each other as much as possible hugs hugs hugs

  17. Fantastic analysis of propaganda tactics involving misleading wording, conflicting information, and confusion-creating content. Side note: The Sun is sentient. It is powered by a higher ordered power. Farming issues are false, merely reflecting a lack in ingenuity among farming practices and planning. A properly designed indoor garden can feed many people year round and is scalable. Given the space available, proper resource management could feed our entire planet’s human population around five times over at the least.

  18. Thank you so much Christian, my family wouldn’t believe me about prepping until this virus came. They have said that I was right, I hope they remember and listen up to the GSM that I’ve been telling them about! Love your messages Christian!

  19. The grand solar minimum can cause food shortages by shortening the growing cycle and all the crazy weather. Now our government is adding to the upcoming food shortages. Not good. So if a big volcano goes off it will add to the upcoming mini ice age. Why didn't they tell people about the solar minimum and get people to prep food. I heard about it years ago but still they claimed global warming. So I guess this is just another step in their population control.

  20. Hey christain, thanks, I dont have time to keep up but I know what's up. You do a valuable service for smart people that heed your warnings. That's why I have you on my team, attaman

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