Sneaking Alcohol On A Cruise. 7 Surprising Ways Cruise Passengers Do It.

I am not suggesting, or recommending, you should sneak booze on your next next cruising vacation as you could, in worst case, risk being refused boarding if …


  1. I had my leg amputated so I could attach a custom prosthetic which holds about 2 liters of everclear

  2. Gary looks very uncomfortable at 4:40 when he’s talking about booze in men’s underwear.
    This is an interesting video to see. I’m only a heavy drinker of water, tea and fruit juice so this won’t apply to me, but it’s interesting to see what’s going on.
    I hear the detection has improved, but I bet so has smuggling. Today is 7 April 2020.

  3. Wow another reason not to go on a cruise, if COVID-19 wasn't enough. Just go to a nice hotel. Never heard of hotels searching passenger's bags for booze.

  4. "Smuggle" alcohol?? So you are spending a fortune just to get on their cruise ship, they rip you off with insane prices on every step, they even force you to pay wages for their workers, and finally, they label you as a criminal if you are bringing your own drink, instead of letting them of robbing you by overpaying into oblivion their shit drinks?
    People who are spending their vacations on a cruise ship must be Sado Mazo type characters.

  5. Given that some states in the USA have legalized marijuana, I think a future video will be, How to smuggle your joints on board. LOL

  6. OMG the more of these cruise videos I watch, the more a week in Blackpool seems more appealing. Jesus, I jus' wanna relax on holiday, not run around getting free tat and a glass of champagne by sitting through talks or attending a shop whilst everybody is onshore, playing games to get an upgrade, that then works out to be worse than what you had initially, checking online for cheap deals on this and that such as booze/internet deals, being left in a port, attending shit on deck so that you can get points towards getting free internet and now this. I have never heard anything like this, bras and brollies to smuggle drink on lol You are all mad going on these cruises and clearly enjoy being raped financially. A week in Auschwitz would be more fuckin' relaxing.

  7. Wow it is amazing the lengths people go through to smuggle booze onboard. I just pack a half gallon of Vodka in my checked bag and have never had an issue. One time I slapped a bag tag on a case of wine and it was the first thing delivered to my cabin. We hand the cabin steward a fifty dollar bill the first time he comes to the cabin to introduce himself and we never have a problem.

  8. $100 a day for a drink package?!?! FUCK THAT!!! I'm not paying that. I will be doing a lot of smuggling when I go on my cruise next week.

  9. Last time I went cruising (which was my only cruise to date) in 2013, me and a mate brought 6L of vodka on board in several "sealed" 1.5L bottles of water that you can buy from the supermarket (If you are really careful and use a small amount of heat, you can get the lid and seal collar off the bottle in one piece)

    Like a week before departure, we pulled off the lids and seals using a bit of heat and a pry tool, filled the bottles with vodka, put the seals and lids back on, washed everything extremely carefully with soap and water to get rid of the alcohol smell

    We got waved past by security, proceeded to have the time of our lives during the week long cruise (without spending a months wages at the onboard pub) we even undercut the bars and sold some to a few people we trusted in the cabin adjacent to ours for half the ship price

    All in all, a great time was had by all of us

  10. You mean people pay 3 or £4000 pounds for a cruise and can't afford to buy alcohol? They should be like me, T total

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