Sloan Talks Bob Marley

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  1. Hi Sloan, i had an insight into what Bob means when he says we are not understanding 1 love. I feel he refers to taking care of and control of one own body. Stop all the dr meds, use natural medicine. Thats my message ☆☆☆

  2. Love Bob Marley and his music. I would like to see him perform with Rage Against The Machine. Wouldn’t that be something in this current day with what’s going on with the N.W.O. and it’s perverted message of one world?

  3. Kardashians= Khazarians. The word khazarian mafia is the name of the group that control the world. The kardashians are famous because their name is very similiar to this word. The word khazarian is very secretive to them and they can't show their identity in public I don't know if the kardashians are khazarians but they are famous because their last name is like a hidden version of that word.

  4. There is a video with his mom cedella Marley stating that he use to read peoples palms when he was young. Someone also stated in one of his videos that he also predicted his own death. His moms side of people were very spirtual. I really believe that his third eye was open, but of course that side of him was rarely spoken about.

  5. Sloan what does it mean when I can literally see in my head what you’re about to describe before you do. It happens when I talk to people too…it’s like they answer me in my head with my voice before they really do

  6. next time ask him if he went to revival meeting – I think you are saying he danced KUMINA in St. Thomas and West Kingston. WOW. That child is probably Cindy Breakspear son. Warrior in St. Thomas – lots of African descendants powerful.

  7. That bridge may be when he broke up with his group to be single. one of the wailers said no I am not flying on any iron bird. they stayed back and he went with that promoter who took him on a path. The political must be when they wanted him to say he belong to a particular political party.

  8. FYI Sloan, I usually have to listen to one or two ads before watching a YouTube podcast/vlog. Each ad usually lasts about one to two minutes. Today, when opening your Bob Marley vlog, the ad they posted was 53 minutes long….yes….53 minutes long. I had an option of Skip Ads or let the 53 minute ad play. I feel that a person creating vlogs/pod casts deserves to receive revenue for their time an effort. Was this an ploy on Youtube's part to deter you receiving revenue for this podcast/vlog or was it just a fluke?

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  10. Hi Sloan very interesting read on Bob Marley. I thought you might be curious to know in the 1980's when my family lived in West Africa in a country called Upper Volta there was a coups there and they killed everyone in the palace and renamed the country Burkina Faso then it was declared by the new President Thomas Sankara only rebel music was allowed to be played in the entire country which was the music of Bob Marley and other rebel Reggie artists the only other music allowed to be played was Michael Jackson period.

  11. Another awesome reading Sloan thank you 🙏’Don’t worry’ about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright’ is a favourite that came too mind, straight away.
    God bless him and all of us right now 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  12. Now it all makes sense, “covid-19”, “stay home”, “alone together”, “all for one”. 😄 I’m laughing crazy cuz this was the missing piece! This channelling was the missing piece! I requested a month ago or so! And within that space i saw a lot!!! From failed space expeditions in 2003 and car bombing 😄 omg! It all makes sense now!!! This “virus” is to replace cancer or from the same source and was brought to earth through a failed expedition in ?2003? It has been planned for a while now but released abruptly and this is no virus, i repeat it is no ordinary virus. A meeting went south up there outside earth with other beings hence a failed expedition and something was brought into earth.”… don’t let them fool you…” aliens have been amongst us and this was the final straw for them of refusal of those leading this world to ascend and evolve earth and humans to a higher order and civilisation. There has been no cure atm because all plea and negotiations have fallen on the deaf ears of those who have been guiding us through evolution and providing everything for us. And this has been going on since when the “man” who went to the US government to discuss affairs of the earth since ?1973? Since the first moon landing, the first nuclear weapon testing and since before the canadian ex chief of defence staff came on live tv to declare aliens were real and been walking amongst us. This was what bob marley was warning us about

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