'Sister Wives' : Are Kody and Meri Brown fool us all?

TVReality Sister Wives: Are Kody and Meri Brown Plotting a Secret Project? Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Sister Wives fans have a lot of time on their …


  1. All of this stuff is nothing but for Less publicity Mary is not going to leave Cody all of this is to keep the fans you know keep on watching and wondering what's going on with the Sister Wives I do not believe me or I will leave Cody I really don't because she loves her family and I do love Mary she's asleep person and whatever she does is her own business it's not ours so who are we to tell someone to leave there other half whatever you may call him but that is just their business and I wish y'all the Browns well I wish everybody Nicole country well and I hope everybody is getting over it and getting better and not getting sick from this virus God bless everyone that is listening and for read this little comment God bless everyone amen

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