Single Seed Challenge 2020 update: A pepper dilemma

A #singleseedchallenge2020 update. I share the latest update of the gardens and demonstrate how much trimming peppers can benefit their growth and …


  1. Love the Hugel culture way of gardening. Can’t wait to see how it works for you, sounds like a great idea with the sunflowers. Thanks for sharing my friend. Wow can’t believe that pepper did do well that’s awesome, always have a hard time with pepper’s and tips? Blessings my friend

  2. Your beginning hugelkulture bed set up looks like it’ll do well – like once it gets going it could largely take care of itself. Nice pepper pinching info 😊👍

  3. I've never tried pruning peppers, but I've seen where it is supposed to be really good for them. I need to give it a shot.

    One thing I've learned from our hugelkultur experiment… the rodents love it! Every time I go out there, I see a new tunnel dug through the soil that I put on top going down into the the area where all of the limbs and branches are. I imagine they're thriving down there in all of those hidden nooks and crannies.

  4. Thanks for the update, Mark. Love your huge garden with those endless long rows.
    Amazing lots of sunflowers and corn👏🏼
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I love it When Gardeners Have a Plane!! If You Seen My SunFlowers You will See Many Varieties of Flowers, Marigolds, Calendulas, Morning Glory, Teddy bears, [[SMALL SUNFLOWERS]] I Guess what you Call Pinched. I Call TOPPED.. Thanks for sharing, I Enjoyed Hanging out with you..have a Beautiful Evening

  6. Just stopped by to see what you are doing. That is a great idea. I have gotten the fellas that chip trees that they cut, to drop the whole load that I then composted. I had compost for years. Your many gardens are doing well. Good on you. TTYL…

  7. The hugle culture system is great, lots of compost activator onto the brush pile. Think your spot on with spraying that seedling and it getting scorched … all the best 😊👍🏼🌿

  8. Heya friend, nice garden, love gardening, you look like you are having a great time. Say, how do you do with squash bugs? Do you grow squash and if so how do they do? I have had a couple bad years with squash bugs here in PA. I was told to plant the squash late after the 1st of July, so this year I am going to try that. Good luck with the garden, I subscribed and will check in to see how you are doing.

  9. Yes bro! Love it! That’s the way! You will never regret building a compost pile… The building of soil.. it’s amazing…fabulous video.. I learn so much…. plants look amazing.. take care and stay safe 😊🌱🐝🌸💚🙏

  10. Your pest tree is a most likely a Paper Mulberry. Look into that. If you have not seen any Mulberries on it then that is most likely what it is. They do have some value as a medicinal plant but not enough to make it worth keeping, in my opinion.

  11. Very good Arkansas!
    Just keep that brush pile fed with anything organic and let Nature work it down while you do other things! She will turn it into a powerhouse of organic growing area!
    And you need to clean up that shed!😳🤣

  12. I like the hugle culture bed we are on the same wave length a swale will be good for you man. I am not in the single seed challenge Been trying to fix my shredder today …. Got myself a small chipper Build the soil. Your back 40 is looking good man. Clover cover great idea. I thought you were going to shave with the machete. That little pepper just wants to grow.

  13. Great video on a nice permaculture practice. My next video or two will also be spotlighting a similar concept. Great minds think alike! Great garden updates and single seed update.
    Take care and stay safe,


  14. You mention the bamboo trellis swaying in the wind, do you get much by way of wind during summer there? I ain't sure about the bamboo, I'm hoping you get so many 'maters that the whole contraption is razed by the weight. You should be ok though, you have a lot of ground there. 🍺

  15. Yup! That’s my theory! You have to plant or you have nothing planted. I love the challenge of taking one seed and hopefully watching it grow up to produce something beautiful and something that provides for us! Great video! ❤️

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