Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism | VPRO Documentary

Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff wrote a monumental book about the new economic order that is alarming. “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” reveals …


  1. This is not new. Just repackaged. Fir the younger generation. Watch a movie called “The Conversation” with Gene Hackman and a pre-Star Wars Harrison Ford. Circa1973/74.

  2. It helps them alote that muricans are material people to the utter shit they cant fight their desires this is good to them makes their job more easier

  3. The professor ends the documentary with positive optimism: reality, especially given the central theme of de-regulation of the present US Administration, this may prove to be just that: pure optimism!

  4. So would it make sense to appoint a privacy czar who gets all our data for example by social media plugin, addon, consumer app, with excemption for joeshmoe privacy collection and storage restrictions… in other words, the same chance for collectivized action or at least decision making as the Momo-smoker-style thieves of previous moments and time?

  5. On a scale from Trump to COVID-19 to omg, it's a mental fingertrap, would you recommend we a) attempt to keep secrets and train the algorithm in how to detect secret keepers, or b) share secrets and accelerate the algorithm?

  6. This scares me. But what REALLY scares me is the attitude people have towards it. They not only just accept it, they embrace it even! The whole "I have nothing to hide" argument scares the crap out of me! as of 5/30/20, 1.9 THOUSAND people downvoted this video! WHY???

  7. In the oddest way, all of this reminds me of the 80's movie, Changing Places. 2 rich guys manipulate peoples lives for their own amusement and profit.

  8. I wish that they could predict that I do not want to see any damn pro-trump commercials. Ever. And I am certainly not signing his birthday card.

  9. You have to be a complete idiot to connect surveillance to Capitalism. The Marxists are surveilling everyone. COMMUNIST CHINA IS THE SURVEILLANCE STATE.

  10. I so admire this lady. Take care: your eloquence produces enemies. We need to spread your message as that is one way to reduce your risk. Thank you.

  11. Thank you. I'm continually amazed at the generational gap between what younger people (under 30, let's say) seem to accept without even thinking about it, while people my age (55) are fairly scared stupid by some the implications of all this data mining & surveillance. Even by making this comment, I'm probably telling somebody something I either don't want them to know (& use against me for some purpose), or don't even realize about myself. I'm reminded of a short story I have, called "War Game", by Philip K. Dick. First published in 1959, in the sci-fi magazine Galaxy Science Fiction (Dec '59), I have it in a collection called "*The 13 Crimes of Science Fiction" – edited by several people, including Isaac Asimov. Prof. Asimov wrote an introduction to the book, as well. The story, "War Game" itself is very interesting. It's available to download off the web (for free). I encourage people – especially younger folk – to read it. Don't expect me to give to the 'TLDR' version! That's a meme that is tailor-made to discourage reading things for yourself!!! Go to the source – not just of one short story, but of anything anyone else tries to tell you (including me!) If you only get your information from other people, you also get *their opinions about that information – built right in. Not to mention the idea that you're just picking whom to believe – & then believing whatever they say! Sloppy. Reprehensible. Sad. I'm also reminded of a story by Asimov himself, in which a particular gentleman actually thought he was doing serious archaeology, even though all he was really doing was reading what other (real) archaeologists had already done, & choosing which one he believed! Now, it's fine to read things (in books, online, wherever), and make up your own mind. That's perfectly normal. But it doesn't exactly qualify as scientific research! And we must read (or hear, or see, etc.) many different opinions – not just ones we already agree with (or think we do!)
    I'm actually surprised that Prof. Zuboff mentioned the idea of government(s) annexing all of this data (and the machinery behind it, of course). That's an even greater fear for me, personally, than just that of companies 'plotting' how to extract money / time / energy / etc. from me. Imagine a world in the not-so-distant future, where some paranoid factions of our government decide that its [their] sovereignty is threatened by some sub-group within America; enough so, that they make a decision to simply (and very, very quietly) tap into all of this data that companies now deal in. What is there to stop this? Well, nothing. Not one thing. After all, by the logic of today's "market" [a loaded word, that], why shouldn't the government have just as much right to the data of its citizens as these companies do? Now, I say that the word "market" is loaded because we don't just live in a market economy. We live in a market world. Everything is for sale. Everything can be turned into profit – however you define profit. How do we truly know this hasn't already happened? We don't. And that's most frightening of all. How would you like to live in a world where your government knew everything you did / said / bought / watched / fought about / etc.? You may be in it now. Further respondent sayeth not. tavi.

  12. Check out the documentation at a speed of 1.5 or 1.75 that is more efficient. When people speak slowly for people who don't see all the deception of the world

  13. They are crimes against humanity and the constitution of America. You could also call them war crimes. A total misuse and abuse of power and authority .

  14. Any one labelled as "The Karl Marx of our time" with a big Jose like that,has an agenda. They will give you a lot of truth in these videos. But they will never reveal things that will ensure their own demise. I.e. fully AWAKE people.

  15. Be aware that the smoke detector camera in your daughter's room is working
    just fine. They believe that they can defeat God, and no one ever has. Some say
    that Rome is engineering world demise through a corrupt pedophile priesthood.
    Gathering data has very little to do with controlling people, especially if they are
    in rebellion against poorly made rules and laws of men. That's why we have Law
    Enforcement. If all laws were good laws then people would willingly obey them.

  16. No Mr suckerburge I dont want to be connected with everyone in the world, no I dont want to share my data with anyone. This is why your AI pieces of shit know nothing about me. And thats the way its going to stay unless of course your prepared to pay me billions for my info seeing you all make billions off other peoples info and they get zip, zero for it. You utter piece of shit.

  17. For those of us who already know they take and collect all this data and still don't care. I didn't find any reasons in this video for me to be concerned about anything. The only problems come from people who use an internet connected device thinking it's private.


  19. I took away so much from this –valuable yet so hard to hear
    but the ending was so optimistic
    thank you

  20. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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