1. Bro i need to kno are these weed seed legit im tryi g to open a dispensary in jamaica if u hook me up ill give u 5 % of my business

  2. That Jilly cross sounds interesting. Just brought down my Jillybean today and it is by far the coolest plant I have ever grown. The smell is unbelievable. Cant wait to jar it and puff it around Memorial Day,

  3. Dude your code SOHN10 never works fam. I've been a fan and subscriber for over a year prob over 2 yrs for reals and your code has never worked. It's annoying when you've been promoting a seed bank for god knows how long to come to find out you really have no code to share with your subscribers from that seed bank(seeds here now). For your Viewer's and supporters of your channel. What's the deal with that fam?

    Specially when seeds from Seeds Here Now aren't cheap so that 10% off would come in handy if it'll just work.

  4. I like to soak them as well…
    I like to stur the water every 2hours and manitor the temperature…
    As soon as they sink, they are ready for paper towl ^^
    Nice video, was looking forward for a new series ^^

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