S13:E13 Auto flower cannabis grow, Trippy Gorilla BigHead Seeds. harvest weigh in

Finale, yep that’s correct finale’ on Season 13, new grow coming soon. So here we go with the harvest and weigh in of the Trippy Gorilla, I thought I was …


  1. Hey brother how's it going another great video As I told you before I started my next grow with the mama blocks day 17 they're doing good but green algae growing all over the blocks I saw in one of video You had it on some of yours as well is it going to cause a problem?

  2. RIP Tangie! lol! A plant like that one needs at least a 10 foot sealing, Quota met and to the next one. Thanks my Friend, I enjoyed watching your video even with lence glow at the start LOL! Season 14 will be amazing. Salud

  3. Yo u did great till u supercropped should have took all those big tops and slowly bent it down then around the second net was unnecessary and I wouldn't crush em I just cut top it would have been a monster good try brother it's the sativa in it hardier stems

  4. Great job again! Too bad about the tangi-matic. That thing was F'n crazy big! Seems many strains will go well past 100 days in hydro setups. Still, 80 days to start flower is probably way too far out for your tent anyway. Stretch hasn't even really begun yet. you'll get better presses from Mephisto strains too. If you like frosty, you NEED to check out Rocbudinc! New breeder here in US who's working with great genetics and getting outstanding results. Limited runs though, so gotta check in often but worth it. Thanks for the vids!

  5. I had a similar problem with my cbd lemon potion (auto). That sucker just refused to flower on her own. So after 75 days of vegging, I transplanted her into a bigger pot and put her on 12/12. She's looking good now!

  6. Sorry about tangie. But on to the next one and glad you got to your quota with out it. I’m excited for this next run with the mephisto your sour stomper and you got the golden ticket freebie everyone is trying to get. I have a good feeling about your next run, as far as quality goes! So good luck and thanks again for the positive vibes you send out!

  7. Once again another amazing season!!! That poor tangie I’m was so excited to see that plant finish! 😢😢. I can’t wait for the next season!!!!!! You should make a rosin press video! Cheers btw loved the shirt!

  8. What strain you running from mephisto? I seen in another video you wanted to run some double grape. I would love to see you run that and just happened to have an unopened 2 pack you can have free! You have bestowed so much knowledge on me and really would love to show my appreciation!Send me an email if you are interested. It's my name. @gmail.com

  9. I know youre a better grower then me by far! But i would recommend getting out that budrot. Not sure if its the same as mold with spores but it can spread if it is. So remove that trash asap! Haha cheers!

  10. Hey Somehiguy, hope you are well sir. A tip for you on the non-flowering auto, for future reference, in my experience if an auto has't began flowering (copious pre's and crowning) by day 50 it has a very good chance it's photo-dominate and will never auto, I throw them into 24 hours of darkness followed by 12/12 for a week, and then return to 18/6, works like a charm but can hermie some strains. BTW the Tangie from FB's was one of my least favorite of their strains, you did the right thing IMO, for what it's worth. Another excellent grow Somehiguy! Glad to see you safe and well friend, cheers.

  11. If you somehow got ahold of double grape then pop that sucker but i know you have sour stomper finally and you like rosin so it makes all the sense in the world to pop some asap now that you have all that room.lol grats on getting another crop in the jars. it always feels good to get to that point. welp look forward to the next vid. till next time….

  12. Love the milk carton idea for getting more roots. Not that you need "more roots, bigger fruits". But wonder how much of a difference in watering times and yield would be. Great job!

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