1. If people, me include .would wait to cut down when REALLY READY we would all have great weed .but no Inpatients is the downfall of so many Including me

  2. Hi.. Hope all is well.. Could you take the wrapping off rockwool cubes and theoretically used it as "air pot"?

  3. Where did you get your gg4 seeds i can’t decide between fastbuds or seed supreme (Auto Fem Seeds) new grower, any tips ? 2-4 plants max

  4. It is ur medicine do it with what u like flavor u like taste and a good strain at the start just got a cookie looking og strain gonna make my self a new flavor or two

  5. I did a milk bannana peel and soda I liked it was my fav strain and tasted like it every other grow with the clones but most potential was after the feeding

  6. Yo if u wanna push the thx out of ur plant feed it milk during the flowering with koolaid it'll be koolaid color with a lil more of a kick from the milk pushing the thc out

  7. Now Thats how you do rockwool ! I've seen so many get this method completely wrong on here just of late.. we used to do dutch tray method with the 1metre slabs , many years ago. They were always in a SOG and always delivered the goods. None of this stripping of the leaves business !! I would do as you said for the next run.. water in on the top cube for the first week or two and then give the bottom cube all the attention. Great Growing Man . Enjoy your Harvest and many many thanks for the Supportive Comments over on My Channel 👊🏽 stay Blessed🙏🏽 ✌🏾💚

  8. Maybe have the big block under the small block when the seed sends the tap root down it knows the pot is deep? It might then populate the big block more. Or dump the small block and just use the big one?

  9. WoW they all turned out awesome looking bro! Much love and respect my friend! 👊👍✌😎

  10. Hello S.H.G. you sure do grow some nice looking cannabis. I was wondering did u get any bubblegum smells or flavor from the Kara seeds bubblegum plants? Thanks for the videos!

  11. Great video Brother, some Beautiful looking bud you’ve harvested, right on man 💪🏼🌿 Love your channel, stay Awesome dude! 😎🤙🏼 SG.

  12. Nice buds. Great grow. TBH I didn't know what to expect then you start hitting me with B-roll of bud shots and great root shots. Fantastic quality vid. Please keep it up.

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