1. Thece ace numerous opportunities to describe the radically different hull design of Comanche. She is designed to heel way over at even light breezes, which brings most of the hull out of the water. The reduced wetted area means less resistance.

  2. Would be nice to see a graphic showing the relative positions of the maxis. Comanche avoided the tight crowd on the starting line because the boat is difficult to handle in tight quarters with a bunch of smaller, more nimble boats. Comanche was within a few boat lengths at the start, but did not seem to be keeping up for a while.

  3. This edition is enjoying incredible luck, as the course was shrouded in dense smoke up until a day or so ago, Australia is burning like California has been burning, and this program is doing a good job of avoiding the subject. The race commenced under strong, steady winds, which make for fast, close racing. Another wonderful thing is the sea state, as the powerful winds which are building in intensity, have not whipped up big waves yet. A few hours of strong winds will create much larger waves, In these conditions, the boats can go fast without beating themselves to death on big waves.

    The yachtswo/men participating in this race are enjoying one of the few sports that does not require big stadiums, police presence, and concentrates lots of people in one place. Sailing, like everything else, is undergoing massive change, as boats which fly over the water are becoming common. In the conditions of this race start, the speeds would have been two or even three times as fast if foilers were allowed.

  4. suprised Sailing has not implemented when calling for an action such as sheet, and then they keep saying it, but then say it like it's not fast enough… just say "sheet on 3" or Sheet on 9, depending on the amount of effort needed

  5. Awesome coverage though some of these statistics seem to be a bit off. The 104 year old boat shows as being build in 1904 (making her 115 years old) and Darguet 3 shows as being built in 2016 and has 6 Hobarts listed (quite an accomplishment in 3 years)

  6. Utterly spectacular. Top video and commentary. Beautiful boats. Best for 2020 from England. Looking forward the Brexit bonus of squuare riggers full of Australian produce arriving here.

  7. Just as boring as looking at wet paint dry…. 2 3 tacks and then one direction for a day. Way tooooo much focus on those big boats where people are riding without safety gear. Lets see diversity….

  8. Love the Sydney to Hobart but even if you waved a HUGE bag of $$$$ in front of me to crew ( I'll take a pass to be wet/seasick and used as a boat counterweight as sea spray slowly freezes by eyeballs)I would be running in the opposite direction so I tip my hat to those who take the plunge.

  9. how come the replay is wide screen and the live feed was 480 ??? i know if might be very expensive , but it would be wonderful if you have some kind of video updates during the race … regardless , thanxs so much for putting the live start online so everyone around the world could watch it …it made my Christmas evening

  10. "The world is watching": Yeh in 720p. Typical Australia 4th best video quality to showcase our Premier Yacht race to the world. Well done Channel 7 you cheap bastards!

  11. Shit house coverage. No virtual laylines, terrible commentary while Jimmy is out on a boat for 1 min crosses. Adds during pre start. Only spoke about the maxis, what about the other starts

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