RIP Luke Sandoe | Jay Cutler, Fouad Abiad, Dave Palumbo + More Pay Tribute ❤️

Since the passing of Luke Sandoe we’ve seen an outpouring of emotion from the bodybuilding & fitness community including these 4 men (Jay Cutler, Fouad …


  1. Go ahead guys, put a spin on it. "Family Genetics" right?? Something Arnold started when he had that heart attack in the 90s while he was still young too.

  2. A lot of people aren't going to want to donate to someone who died from abusing steroids and other illegal drugs to be a bodybuilder. Not that he "deserves" to die, but after three well known bodybuilders have passed away in the last three years, these idiots still think that "it won't happen to me". Go on Google – look up Bodybuilders that died before 50 and you'll be shocked by how long the list is. Donate our money – during this time? For a steroid boy? Someone doing something unnecessarily for the sake of being "The Man"?? and give our money for that? That would be the same as donating money to a family for their thug son for dealing drugs and he got shot. Donate to that?? Same principal.

  3. I'm gonna say it once and you're welcome to look into it. MUSIC in general causes depression. Let alone evil rock/numetal music which Luke was constantly listening to in the gyms and playing through his videos. I've been there. A very dark place. You won't find peace if you entertain what the devil wants you to do and drugs and music are two of them. Heavy metal music takes you to a dark place.

  4. its sad but worse is when people say he was battle-ling demons when they dont exist this is all your own psychic something earth human dont acknowledge and must learn how to be balanced

  5. suicide, and he was on his way to being on top of the world? so i'd assume he's been suicidal most of his life? if no? then there's more to this, right? he was a "prick" to everyone…yet you people are coloring a different picture of this guy?

  6. Come one guys and girls let’s do our bit to support his kids, literally even the smallest amount will help. I can’t imagine what his family are going through, RIP Luke

  7. The risk of taking steroids. Another one dies at a young age. Just 30 years old I believe. Dallas also was about the same age. But guys taking steroids knows the risk and side affects. Small boto and heart faller.

  8. You said in your other video that Luke gave you some advice regarding anxiety etc… I think you should share the advice he's given you for others just incase it helps.

    Far more needs to be done about mental health in sport.

  9. Seems that what ever his demons were that Body building, as disciplined as it is, more so than that required for even Olympic sports, was a reprieve rather than a discipline compared to what he was dealing with. It is probably why he was able to achieve what he did. So, we can't judge.

  10. The man made nearly 4 million last year. He loved his kids and girl friend and yet he does himself in without trying to get help? They're many people that are really suffering lost their business and their partners from this Covid 19 hoax because that's what it is.

  11. What if we gave #2 to every person who asked for it? Not trying to be cold but using this video to fund this is ridiculous. If ppl want to give they can. Lots of DEATH recently.

  12. Not a signal penny for this piece of crap. I remember when I reached out to him as a client and he treated me like crap . He wanted to charge money just for me asking a small question it was not even a big question like how to cycle or what to eat in details . No it was just a simple small question but he wanted to charge me arm and leg just to answer my question .
    Nah nah man he does not deserve a penny his family can ask for government help .

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