Relaxing Massage Tutorial for Low Back Pain & Sciatica, Thai Massage Techniques for Athletes, Yogis

Chandler Rose, LMT, teaches you how to relieve back and leg pain by working in the QL, SI joint & hamstrings. ♥ Exclusive Massage Videos for Patrons: …


  1. Thank you so much! I’m in school now and we haven’t made our way to Thai massage or helping those with sciatic pain, yet I often have clients with sciatic pain in clinic. Although I won’t be jumping on the table with them yet, I will modify this technique the best I can. Can’t wait for Thai massage!

  2. What about people with severe chronic pain who can’t handle that? With alloydnia specifically (pain to the touch) I’ve had physical therapists massage my back doing this exact thing and for days I can’t even stand and I just cry for days. He said oh yeah we will not do that again. I know I’m one of the few this doesn’t work on but it’s the worst feeling in the world being touched there 🙁

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  4. This was such a good, helpful video. My husband always wants his lower back massaged and it just kills my hands because he wants pressure pressure pressure. Excited to try this technique, thank you!

  5. Massage therapy on a regular basis with someone highly trained is a bit of heaven for those of us in pain. I found a therapist who works on professional athletes, and she’s great.

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