Rehab Ride at Santiago Oaks / First time back after my shoulder separation / May 17, 2020

I injured my shoulder 2 weeks ago going down really hard elbow first on a drop, the impact popped my shoulder back. I went to my chiropractor who told me that …


  1. Was out all of last year with a torn rotator cuff injury and surgery. Lots of rehab afterwards which is very important. Luckily, I live in Canada so virtually all medical bills are covered by government. Think you guys are crazy for not wanting comprehensive government run health insurance. It is cheaper, includes every resident, and I think better overall. Education, military, justice, infrastructure, etc. are all government run 'socialist' programs so why not healthcare.
    Anyways, all the best in your recovery Tommy.

  2. i'm out now because of 6 ribs, collar bone and collapsed lung. Had surgery on the collar bone since it was too many pieces. I'm going to be getting some armor after this last one. Too much money and time lost. I know .. I will be that trail guy with armor now, but watching mtn bike vids and not riding because of a couple hundred bucks of armor in stupid.

  3. Nice video and come back Tommy. What vendor did you use for the tshirts and what’s minimum order? I’m looking to make a custom club shirt. Thx!

  4. Hi from Brazil! Big fan of your Channel here! I must say I admire you courage and your bike set up, you seem tô be floating on a magic carpet! Be careful with that shoulder, I torn my left shoulder ligaments and it took me 3 years and 2 surgeries tô really fix it…

  5. Stil strong tommy. you and chris stil my idol💪 , hope to ride with you guys nextime i visit norcal. Always watching your videos man👊

  6. Tommy, thanks for the vids. I have been to your restaurant. It was very yummy. In fact, restaurant is a little better than the vids to be honest.

  7. the labrum will never get healed without surgery. I thorn mine while sport climbing – 3 years later, I had couple more subluxations (only while climbing). You can stabilize it by doing strength work – for me, TRX workouts and weighted pullups helped most. I am a bit worried about the shoulder while biking as well, but am not crashing as much. Will probably undergo the surgery at some point, as the stability of joint is noticeably worse and sometimes I feel it being overused when bunnyhoping and pulling on the bike bars. Sounds like it would make sense for you to undergo it now that it's still sore and probably there's downtime (now and ahead) in your business. It's hard to commit though as the rehab and comeback is long.

  8. So to video guy Tommy Huynh in the. Santiago Okas the sending trials and lame the separation of the grup pe is mach better for yu and good lucky in to session's bike not more crasches and te care in to new 🌟🤙 medic . Saluds of Chile 🇨🇱 💪😀🍀

  9. Thank you for putting the average grade & distance as it tells me which bike I should take my gravel/xc(36 11-42t or my ht 30t 11-46).

  10. Congrats on the almost 10K, good shit on riding through the pain, and big ups to Francisco for being a good homie

  11. i separated my shoulder at the little double at 7:34. cleared that double many times but for some reason my front tire washed out. grade2 almost a 3. couldn't lift shoulder for 4 weeks and couldn't sleep on it for 2 months. i don't want to fall on it again anytime soon. I wouldve bought one those electric knives for cutting chicken..HAHA

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