Racists, Rapists, and Murderers | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 551

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  1. About Scarborough…….the left is agreegious….. conservatives arent….we dont have to and we wont stoop to their level

  2. And there's Bozo's big lie about the NAACP backing him throughout his entire political career. The NAACP publicly responded that they NEVER have. Lie after lie after lie.

  3. I remember killary saying it's time to move on from Benghazi. Hmmm…seems to me the loved ones of the dead should decide that. Despicable c*nt.

  4. In Animal Farm, the pigs claimed they needed to sleep in the farmers bed and eat his food because they had to have rested and well-fed brains to come up with all the great ideas for the farm. Likewise, it's OK if Democrats rape and kill a few people for the greater good. Maybe the Democrats should change their symbol from a donkey to a pig.

  5. Joe Biden is the whole package:
    Alleged Rapist
    Alleged Racist
    Alleged corruption
    Alleged treason
    What more could you ask for? That's right
    Alleged cognitive decline!
    Oh yeah, the whole package!

  6. I have to figure the empty buildings are built with gvt bonds…a deadly financial mechanism guaranteed to fail…and ultimately destroy the gvt and the currency

    imbeciles are funding gvt expenditures with IOU s …gvt bonds written on future taxes..
    covid 19 ruining tax revenue shoves us closer to d day…. default day…

    not one in a million has any idea of the devastation that will occur when government renege on bond Redemption

  7. Racist at this time might as well be called Conspiracy, for at moment if you want to dismiss something just shout those words out and BOOM Baby shut that conversation down. You just won the argument and shut them down.

  8. Agree with 99% of what Knowles says here but the Left backs themselves into corners and contradicts themselves every day. One of the most recent examples is "Believe all Women" except Tara Reid.

  9. Joe's policies, getting co-oped by the squad, nothing between the ears, etc. are what should scare you. Not some foot in mouth disease. Get a life.

  10. I really don't think we should fight fire with fire and accuse someone of murder and a dead woman of infidelity. Might be fun for extremely committed Trump supporters, but it alienates all of the Republican Suburban Moms.

  11. Biden racist comment came in the context of the question he was asked, basically what is he going to do for the black community… And his answer was: NOTHING.

  12. It’s amazing to me how people don’t look back at history, they just believe the same old song over and over so it just becomes truth to them.

  13. Supporting the 1994 "Biden Crime Bill" isn't going to result in a net vote gain. I think most people with a strong opinion on it think it damaged the country more than it helped. This isn't the 80s or 90s anymore: being tough on crime doesn't get you elected.

  14. "Millennials are astute" but I'm going to insult your intelligence by telling you what you heard needs to be clarified.

  15. It doesn't say criminals shouldn't be in jail. It says not to blame Republicans for things that Biden did.

  16. The definition of racist will never change, no matter what the left says, they are misusing the word. We can't let them change definitions, especially when they're changing it to the exact opposite of what it was meant to mean. They are wrong, and they can not simply change a definition in order to be right, no.

  17. The Dems lowering themselves to emotional blackmail to get votes. They can't get the vote through merits, so they're going to manipulate people to get the votes. It's also a glaring beacon showing just how racist the left is. Measuring people by race and then saying unless they act a certain way, they aren't even their race. Even if history shows that african americans typically have voted Democrat, that makes no difference in this day and age. Democrats are nothing like what they used to be. They are against things that Martin Luther King stood for. They're pro segregation and identify everyone based on color. That is the opposite of everything the left used to fight for. So no..there is nothing accurate about what Biden said, and it wasn't a joke at all, it was manipulation.

  18. Michael the term racist the way the left uses it is used exactly how it was used by the Russians-socialists when the word was invented in the 1930s its used to brow beat a political opponent into silence. the leftists haven't changed the real meaning they just over used it so we got wise to its real meaning

  19. So you and Ben tend to over analyze just about everything and it comes from being an intellectual. I truly believe both of you don’t quite understand what a blue collar worker is thinking everyday ( it’s not politics ) and trying to keep the conservative movement stagnant and not changing at all you want it to stay the same and play by the rules. Sorry bud it’s not working and hasn’t been working. Joe Biden is not racist he is a pedophile for sure idk why people haven’t put that in the forefront but whatever. And just because the left defines something that isn’t so doesn’t mean you should go by their rules which is what you do constantly same with Walsh so you contradict what you believe and justice no longer exists in this country anymore just for the poor

  20. Trump is a moron, he has twice the amount of stupid comments as Biden. If Trump made a similar comment you would get on and defend him calling it not racist. Your hypocrisy is astounding. You ignored the 23 accusers of Trump so don't come at Biden.

  21. “ I love my uneducated voters”

    “ I still think all those black kids should be put to death despite the fact that DNA proves their innocent”
    DJT Central park five

  22. For God's sake man, for as many faults as Biden has, 1st and foremost being that he is senile, He was Joking!

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