1. The biggest lie they tell good people: "They never thought she would lose." Like as if votes are counted. The CFR & the JASON Group appoint leaders. The People don't vote for these clowns. We're not that reckless. I have to say, it didn't begin with 9-11. It began with the downfall of the Constitution, the death of habeas corpus. I'm speaking of foreign interest puppet Abraham Lincoln and his Romanesque divide & conquer war. The rape-happy generals Sherman, Sheridan, & Grant whom waged a war of attrition in the south, burning homes, farms, stripping families naked so as to steal all worldly possessions… And the Jesuits had been plotting their revenge on liberty-minded Reformationists since 1540. They were disbanded by Clement after they had enslaved Paraguay in a ruthless communist system for 158 years. Soon they were reinstated by another pope. The goal has always been a brutal return to the dark ages where a permanent Inquisition would reside.

  2. I like your stuff alot, u seem to be a pretty bright altruistic guy, but you're clueless if u think we're going to change the inevitable. I'm surprised u haven't made that connection yet. U need to stop writing books and read the Bible instead. U also attempted to discredit RFB as a Schill, but Richy isn't writing any books and he believes in Jesus Christ. Pride comes before the fall.

  3. Disappointing Jamie, Trump is the R wing of the control grid, I was sure you knew that by Now. They have us vote in order to test public sentiments and to see if people still believe that their votes are counted. Like the monetary system it's a manufactured illusion….

  4. Revelation 16:2
    “And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.”

  5. This was planned the day Jesus was nailed on the cross. Satan still thinks he can win. I’ve read the end of the book, he doesn’t.
    He still thinks he can control everything and everybody. In order to do that he must install himself as the leader/savior of the world. But in order to be a one world leader you must have a one world political system first. It has taken thousands of years in planning by him to do this. He moves his pawns where he wants them.
    However, he can only do what God allows him to do. Everything that is happening is fulfilling God’s overall plan.

    Trump is playing the role that God has for him to play, just like pharaoh did in Egypt with the Israelites.

    It’s too bad aplanetruth 4u doesn’t expose the fact that the U.S. is a corporation And not the government of the United States of America. Donald Trump is the chief executive officer of a corporation, no different than the CEO of Burger King or McDonald’s or Walmart.
    Why don’t you expose that Jamie?

    How many of you are aware that there are three constitutions?

    Do you also know that a citizen is chattel of the U.S.government? You do what they say, when they say it, and you ask no questions.

    You pull over when they turn blue lights on behind you, you get a license for this, a license for that, you register this, you register that, you get a marriage license, you get a fishing license. Anything that you have to have registered or licensed is not yours you only get to use it. If you don’t believe me research it and find out for yourselves.

    The original United States Congress walked out in the late 1800s and never reconvened. The impostors in there today are no more than a Board of Directors of the U.S. corporation.

    That is what you need to know and that is what Jamie should be putting on his videos.

    You also need to understand the chronological order of events given in the new testament for the return of Christ. For Satan comes in the sixth Trump and Jesus returns at the seventh Trump. Even a child can read and understand that.

  6. Creepy. Illuminati Cards released same year my Foster son's mom was murdered in FL by serial killer. '95. Amazing how rich business guys can work for generations on long range deadly plans. Blows my serf mind, lol. I had to develop gallows humor to handle psych nursing career & psycho childhood. Thx for the best Advice: Speak out for what you want & NOT against what you don't want. Focus on positive. I have to add: rapid shifts & keen discernment needed along the path in 2020. We already reached critical mass in awakening that initiated the rest that must unfold to allow dysfunctional systems these dudes are standing on to fall. IMO. Happy New Year! Might be messy.🥳⚡💞

  7. Agreed, it's the long game, truly satanic. Trump may be the biblical beast, who will receive the fatal wound. So important not to take the mark of the beast, even if it means your life. Your eternal destiny depends on this. Sadly, we will soon see disasters of epic proportions, 'order out of chaos'. Thank you for exposing some of this evil.

  8. I feel like you're spinning your own narrative here. From what I've seen, the wall ISN'T going up without a hitch, not by a long way. I don't get it why the ideas of borders–fences really–are so problematic. Yeah, I've got hesitations & doubts about a lot. But the border wall? I'm for it, I'm ALL IN.

  9. Not to be a pessimistic person but I’m hearing that 2020 is gonna be hot 🥵 suns coming out if solar minimum and well we can just guess about what that means fifty to a hundred thousand more gone up in smoke and I also hear that California has more people than Canada ?

  10. the Justinian Deception channel shows how they use dog-Latin to enslave us. It's in plain sight but we don't understand what we are looking at. All fraud, deception and lies.

  11. No planes; pentagon cruise missile, towers, #7 CGI and cont demo. Why they're angered with toxic vaccine rejection or warning others, as they now contain micro chips! Dr. is an obvious LIAR! 2020 is it. Drumpf/33 will be the last, as in pred prog. Spot on info!

  12. Great presentation of the real truth but the manipulation and lies are far deeper than this what has presided at ground level and playing out thus far is just part of the grand deception, keep your eyes to the skies more is unfolding on a biblical level we have to stay spiritually strong and know that God is the true creator in all that is just to fight and rise above this Evil that has descended upon humanity and planet earth as we perceive it, we may be the last witnesses to this end game and time is very short indeed.

  13. I like what Arron Russo says, but he leaves that mossad and US finance groups did 911, and he doesn't mention how the US has been used to fight isra els wars.

  14. Everyone is already chipped from chem trails. They are self assembling in the body from nano particles they are spraying on us. This is how they are able to remotely target torture and mind control anyone they want. If you are a TI then you know they are able to manipulate anyone around you with the technology.

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