Professional Grade LED Grow Light: Dimmable LED to Replace HPS / HID (Active Grow LoPro Max Review)

Can a single LED grow light replace both HPS & fluorescent T5s? Should LEDs include Far-Red diodes on their boards? What features should professional …


  1. Is there any chance your going to test the maxsisun pb4000 I heard good thing about it but again quality may be 🤔 you know!!
    Would be nice to get an expert opinion on it instead the people whom get free stuff and just say good things about it, you know sell outs

  2. As much as I enjoy and "lol" at the jokes, you objectively have some of the best content on growing anything. I especially enjoy the experiments/comparisons, but all the light reviews and general fact based entertainment is top notch as well. Thx =]

  3. Thank you for saying the word DLI !!! Needs to be said more by “ others “ 😉

    And at that price 🤔 it’s actually not that bad at all! Providing someone wants to completely pack an enclosure end to end with plants.

    I mean, I spent just about 500-550$ to give me more than enough DLI requirements for what I am doing on a small scale, and that’s ok , but if I wanted even spread over an entire 4×4 with the Adjustable means to my lighting expectations-

    Yeah, this light is right on- now, where is that spare tent I had laying around 😂

  4. Always looking forward to the bell indicating you've got another video out. Great review and wonderful job presenting. With typical outdoor tomatoes in my area thriving on 20-30 DLI of sunlight and day length of around 15 hours mid summer, this light has potential. Over 1,000 PPFD, and it might be necessary to inject some CO2 to take advantage of the plant growth, and a narrow overhead space with 6" hanging height that plants might grow into before burning leaves compared to an 18" hanging height. You had me running DLI on my LED grow lights, and I've made an adjustment based off of your findings. Thanks for helping everyone out.

  5. Man you gotta build your own grow lights. I gotta couple videos and my room is work in progress but you can spend like 40 dollars a light compared to like 200. I am also using Amazon lights too. It's all about power and placement of lights you cannot just buy pre built units for cheap. It's all about power and more lights. I figured out the cheaper way after spending too much money.

  6. The best light comparison videos I've seen yet! Currently have an LED with fans that is very hot. Have been looking at the SF lights for summer growing. Would love to hear your opinions on Optic lights. Thanks for no bulls#@& vids. New sub. 👍

  7. Great and fair review as always but these new wide spaced
    bar light form factors are almost strictly designed for sea-of-green reflective
    tent growing to get the most out of them. As much as MARS tech is usually a
    year or 2 behind in tech, they are at least making narrow lights with
    reflectors for those of us that grow in an open grow space and have no interest
    in cana-peppers. That said there is no denying that the cana-pepper industry is
    ultimately financing the lighting technology industry including apogees new far-red sensor.

  8. Low Pro Max 640watt 200-400 ppfd on the edges and 600 average in the middle at 24 inches in a 4×4 $999

    ChilLED Growcraft x6 600watt 760-860 ppfd on the edges and 1050 average in the middle at 24 inches in a 4×4.. $1,259

    Nice review but that led light sucks for the price.

  9. You might be well served with CMH lights. Is like a more modern HPS with white light.
    Lumen per lumen, plants seem to like the light of a bulb better than fairly narrow band LEDs.

  10. Hi Al Gracian
    great review as always

    any thought on the cheap led from active grow (like the 9W T8 HO)?

    also i was wandering if you have any idea for reducing the distance between canopy and light at 30cm (for lettuce) and still having a nice coverage

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