(Poker Vlog) Pot Limit Omaha Tournament at The Aria

In this poker vlog I have to choose if I am going to play at the Rio for the $1000 World Series of Poker no limit Texas Hold’em event, the Wynn or the Aria. I decide …


  1. I am no Omaha expert, but that was a serious Punt. I'm talking Pro Bowl caliber. Bro you had 22 BB. Wtf. You suck at Omaha lol. Just being honest. Love the Vlogs though

  2. Bluffing to cards that pair the board (on the flop) is a very profitable play. Chances are the opponent missed and even if he has a pair will get scared off by the pair on the board. If you're re-raised just fold. Works well.

    Although in your specific example, yeah i'd be a bit scared to bluff…

  3. Trying to convince people that poker is not gambling is kinda hard when you watch the boski everyday.
    Me: "poker is not gambling"
    Boski: "let's gamble"
    People: "sure its not"

  4. Yeah sometimes you gotta make a move but you block no good hands and have generally terrible equity vs hands opponents continue with. Jesus people play PLO bad. Don’t play hangers and don’t pot unconnected unsuited junk out of position.

  5. If anyone is The berating his play at the end, You obviously are not a winning Omaha player. That was actually a good play, the other gay had to have q8 or AQ to feel safe. There were a few combinations to sill worry about but the other guy just didn't care. It is what it is and he lost. Bad players make bad calls when they should fold, good players probably lay that down either way he made the correct call in the end.

  6. I liked your qq88 read. Now risking that much was still a stretch against that particular player. He seems crazy as hell and very unlikely to fold. So either a fold or just a call was a better option. Anyway wtf do I know anyway. I've seen enough of your play to know you are a very good player. Just subbed as I have enjoyed the vlogs I've watched. Best of luck to you this wsop season.

  7. Hey Bowski, just a question, I see your play online cuz I’ve played numerous tournaments with you at my table at Americascardroom, However I see your range is deep online and is very slim in live tournaments can you please explain?!? Aka- GreekWarrior

  8. UGH! NL reg playing spots like a typical NL reg. Tough to go for thin value on paired boards ever in PLO, barring seeing the other persons card……although as a PLO reg I'll admit I miss thin value in NLH spots, so I can feel why they have this thought process.

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