Planting Cannabis Using An Airplane (part 2)

Remember that time we dropped a bunch of #hemp seeds out of a plane? Well, we went back to the area to check up on our seeds and to see whether our …


  1. I love how he has the nerve to mention guerrilla growing after he just took a giant dump on every grower within 10 miles.

  2. You live the life I always wanted. Plus your a family man like me. If only I had so much in England. God bless you for teaching me so much

  3. I’m aware of the gorilla growers guide
    Having been used in the early eighties
    A story I remember was encasing the seeds in a soil fert mix and making thin clay balls that were then thrown around like baseballs. No word on if it worked but the message was to restore the original balance where hemp was native world wide and used for sandals clothes fuel and fun I aplaude your effort.

  4. Do you think the wild pigs would eat the plants if they find them ?
    I had some seedlings totally eaten by Mice.

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