Pelosi living on 'fantasy island' with $3T relief bill: Sen Barrasso

House Democrats propose $3 trillion wish list in new package providing coronavirus relief; reaction and analysis from Wyoming Republican Senator John …


  1. Wake up America, we do not have 3 trillion dollars! We will have a major drop in revenue with all the business loss and people off of work. We will be sold to China to foot this bill if it moves forward.

  2. Who voted for this Pelosi lady from the beginning? I have never seen her doing anything right! This this all the Democrat has????? How sad!!

  3. Get Pelosi out of our govt, along w Schumer & every other dumber than dirt, corrupt, treasonous dim. This is all a farce on the American people!

  4. For $700 to $800 you can get a cremation and an Urn. Most Senior Citizen are going that path because of the cost of burials

  5. LORD owner of all money not Man. Mankind's are Stewart's to do right by GOD'S money to help mankind to live. The Rich politicians are not hungry, their house are paid for, kid's have shoes, sailboats ready to sail to anywhere. We the people who put them in office can vote them out of office, and the LORD is the Judge! Give the people their money taken away from them.

  6. The only thing we should provide for illegal immigrants is for flights back to their homeland.

  7. Audience, Just ask ALL the American people what should be or not to be given to Americans. Republicans and Democrats ALL mostly have wealth, so they don't know about which bills should be paid the next month to survive. We as Americans can think for ourselves, without a puppet hand dictating every decision… Smh

  8. Why in the hell democrats always put illegal migrants first to Americans. Tax payer money using for furthering their cause. My blood is boiling listening to the details of the bill and i am not even American.

  9. And if you hear her very closely she said she thinks it’s a big opportunity for us she never mentioned the California people and when she says when it’s a big opportunity for us she’s meaning them not the American California people

  10. I live in California and if we get back to work we will be doing just fine we actually don’t need any more money here’s what I think is going on is dirty Dems is trying to get extra money so they could possibly keep it for their selves and it’s good that Trump and the rest of them are not even buying into it and even giving them anything they don’t deserve to be handling that much money they’re untrustworthy

  11. Pelosi is evil, demented, greedy, selfish, and on top of all that, she's the most ignorant arrogant individual on earth, why even also her to speak anymore, shut her up and shut her out and take her nephew with her, stop talking and let's get this done.

  12. Thank Lord the Senate isnt ran by those terrorists aka traitors of their and our homeland they constantly instigate.
    Just like somebody already stated in another video on this topic: Trump should tear it just like Pelosi did tear Trumps union speech behind his back. Her act back then indicated she is totally, Absolutely NOT FOR We the people! Shes an Evil, illogical, vile witch!

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