1. Shit get Pepto tablets they work fast incase you need them. You can also test yourself I've heard they got test for teen agers. You can also drink beers while you stay clean. Be warned probation got test for beer. They check for mist in pee hint of brew.

  2. Please trying have this down right I might be drug tested Wednesday for a job, the night before do I drink 2 jars of the pickle juice than keep drinking water an the day of 30 mins before drink certo but also keep drinking water?

  3. eyyy rich i just wana say to all the none-believers this does work i tried it n i reported today n came out clean i passed my test with flying colors thanks for this video i didn’t believe but now i believe 💯

  4. Hey would this cleanse me if I am not a heavy smoker I have a job drug test on July 5th and last time I smoked was 2 days ago I haven’t smoked in long time it was like 3 puffs and Monday 3 puffs got me high but now I have to show up for drug test on July 5th will I be good if I do the pickle juice now or do I have to do night before test? I took a drug test from dollar tree it came up negative ? Is that the same?

  5. Used a synthetic. Usually it works. It came back with interference. Now I gotta retest. I been drinking a lot of water, Apple vinegar in in the morning, lemon in my water, taking a 5 day cleanser, I'm drinking pickle juice at night..yes today I shit tons!, using diuretics, drinking ginger & green tea. It's been 5 days . I got about 5-7 days left. Not to sure if I can stall any longer than that.
    What do you think?

  6. Cps? When you wake up drink tons of water I know that pickle juice made your poop drink tons of water buy certo comes 2 in a pack drink pore 1 in a Gatorade and drink it 30 mins before then if you feel scared use the2nd one in another bottle of Gatorade

  7. I have a drug test tomorrow and i drank pickle juice yesterday and today and ive been drinking water with lemon and palo azul and i have home drug test if i stop drinking palo azul and drink the pickle juice will it work

  8. Gonna try this I've stopped cheifin for 9days been running and drinking water until last 4 days I been eat in fat foods to layer the fat over the thc fat . now ima drink pickle juice the night before . ill update yall tomorrow if I make it out yall .

  9. Rich,

    Went back yesterday & took the General Knowledge & Passenger sections for CDL Class B Permit & passed with flying colors!!! I passed the Air Brakes portion earlier this week after discovering your channel. Thank you again for sharing the website. I've shared the website & your channel with others. God Bless!!!

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