1. Ok well your a twacked out idiot…..and completely wrong
    If you are taking a test and its a urinalysis weed will not show up for a year lol…..you need to lay off the meth bro! Your making me want to bang my head into a wall.

  2. Yo please anyone out there in the entire world I am asking for your help. There is no work for me at all during this Corona shit. I have a drug test on 4/20. (The PO is a fucking troll for that btw) I have literally ZERO dollars. I have no clue what to do. I need anything I can get so that I can get Palo Azul Tea. I have literally nobody to go to and I don’t want to spend 50 dollars a day for each day in jail. My venmo is @Leo-Andrade-3 and my cashapp is $Shpiel. THANK YOU

  3. He not only had to treat your piss like gold, your piss got him a roof over his head, a warm bed and a full belly…Also, likely m a bag of weed and gawd knows what else stuffed in his underwear drawer.

  4. madman2541
    Stays in your system for a year!?!? Lol little dramatic over exaggerated story there pal, “surprised he didn’t burn a hole in the cup”… Lol to each there own I guess…

  5. I had a friend pee in a cup for me the night before. Before I got to the testing center I went to the nearest gas station and microwaved the pee for about 20 seconds lol walked into the testing center and they let me pee in a private RR so I peed normally then emptied out the cup and even sprinkled some of the other piss on the seat and I passed. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. Update:
    The piss bag worked got to keep my job.

    Detox work only when you Way less than 160 pounds, synthetic urine you can get at some gas stations but most head shops carry them. They work 💯% of the time. Right now I’m facing a problem we’re I am being watched. Like the dude is standing damn near in front of me. I bought fake pee and a wizz bag in hops I can run the tube to my shaft run it underneath with a little switch hoping I don’t get cough. But fake pee works the best and use a hand warmer and a rubber band to keep the pee at body temp so it don’t get cold while you sit in the waiting room. I have passed every drug test with fake pee.

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