Pancreatic cancer marijuana hospital hassle

Stage four pancreatic cancer accused of smoking marijuana in hospital. Missouri. They found no marijuana. Only cbd which is legal in Missouri. I should have …


  1. Don't get mad at the policemen here, get mad at the rules in place that allow this to happen and not make exceptions for a dying man.

  2. The police and big pharma have done more damage to people then cannabis ever will and there going to hassel a dying man over thc caps.Wtf is going on in this world

  3. K… so what's the video prior to this? Is he allowed to smoke marijuana in the facility? Does he have the license to smoke medicinally, etc. Typical case of turning on a camera without ZERO facts present and making the police look like a bunch of terrorists without presenting ZERO backstory or ZERO reason that they're actually there. Fuck everyone siding with this guy and bashing police. Go ahead Libtube mods, delete the comment.

  4. soo sorry for the loss of Nolan. i just read it. been off facebook for several months. DUDE ROCKED!!!!!!!!

  5. The fact that its still schedule 1 is so Orwellian and fucked up that, if aliens were to put us on some sort of galactic trial, this would be an exhibit in it.

  6. I’m so sorry he had to deal with AMERICA’S #1 DOMESTIC TERRORISTS in his final time on Earth. THEY ARE LESS THAN SCUM!!! I hope they ALL get cancer and have to deal with their privacy being violated by complete strangers. And the department has the nerve, the unapologetic NERVE…. to claim their officers did NOTHING WRONG. THEY DESERVE EVERY BIT OF HATE THEY GET!!! No matter what it equates to, THEY EARNED IT!!!

  7. You fought a good fight Nolan. We will continue the fight for you. RIP Nolan. We heard your message loud and clear and this video btw…a bunch of bs! Im so sorry you went through all this and I will push your message as often as you did. We as a society, can do so much better. We have to. Noone deserves this video to happen to them. It was such a pleasure meeting you. You will be remembered. That one, I can promise you.


  9. These cops should have cancer cells injected into their body and not be allowed to get any medical treatment at all until the time they die then they can get their medical treatment f*** the police

  10. dont they have noses… if it was smoked in the room you would smell it.. right then and there it should have told the cops the story was bull shit

  11. Man, I am so SO sorry you had to deal with that. if i could magically somehow go back and pull the cops out of the room and chat with them, and the judge, and the rest of society, I'd give them a reality check. They would leave with the worst possible opinions of themselves. if THC is something that helps you, and it hurts nobody else, end of story. i'd fight for your rights at any point, and you have the right to live peacefully as long as you can. if you ever need anyone to make a phone call for you about this topic, let me know. This is an issue of fundamental human decency and it cannot be ignored anymore. The most I can complain about pot is that it smells bad to me, but to deny comfort to ANYONE over something i think smells bad – no contest.

    This makes me REALLY angry. I know the cops literally have to "enforce the law", that's what we need them to do and I thank them for that. I could sense they were not at all happy to have to be introducing themselves to someone who is very sick and they know needs to be left alone and just plain supported. It was a waste of time, a mechanical "requirement" of our system, and very awkward for everyone . Maybe this means we're actually evolving? I doubt it. Most cops are as compassionate as the rest of us. I feel bad for them too. I think they mostly "get it" and default to being good people while still doing their duty to us. Frustrating for everyone while our society "grows up". Just really bad timing for you.

  12. Drug war failed… Let this man live his last days in peace and if he wants to smoke weed to help his symptoms then dammit leave him alone.

  13. people need to understand that the officers are only doing their job. They didn't show up to the hospital just to harass this man, someone called the Cops on this man (if im not mistaken, it was the hospital security guard)…I didn't like the cop who was tryna be smart smh, but besides that, i don't see anything wrong.
    if i have nothing to hide, i don't care they can check all they want…

    he should be mad a the hospital guard for calling the cops instead of doing his job and asking him directly "sir, are you smoking Marijuana? "
    Nolan, would've explained to him what was going on, and problem solved.,

  14. I have had cancer since I was in my late 20’s. I have Stage 4 cancer also.It’s is so painful and unbearable. Give him some dignity and respect he deserves.

  15. What the FU.CK is wrong with these idiots? Has common sense been eradicated in the police force? If they arrived in my mother's cubicle where she was dying of Cancer, including it's intractable pain, I would have been more than happy to throw those bastards head-first through the windows without any thought for their wellbeing. I sound callous but I hope they will discover the true nature of Cancer pain, one day.

  16. You really try to like cops because of the hard job they have. Then idiots like these show up and make it next to impossible.

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