Odin [WiP] – Is It Worth It?

The Odin was a great concept and a fun ship, but the current state is honestly rather depressing. It’s a brawling ship built around low caliber guns, hydro and …


  1. @Flamu We get why only use good gameplays for reviews but could you (at the end maybe) give us some numbers concerning your average experience with the ship in question? 🙂

  2. just got tier nine iowa what would you say are best upgrades for it and hull c is it worth getting it dont add any hit point it takes 6 from servivabilty adds to manuvering ? is that worth it?

  3. its for collectors and remember there are very many of them. I want further to make a plea to expell any Russian navy ship from Ranked or CB s. No fun when a whole team shows up with Stalingrads. And your team has only 1 or 2. WG should think about to only allow Tech tree related ships into these special matches/

  4. I come back every now and then to see what else is going wrong with wows and I'm never disappointed! Puerto Rico was a disaster and now they have the Odin! I stopped playing a bit ago seeing the writing on the wall but it is good to see people actually starting to quit. I'm sure others see what I have seen and that is they move in the opposite direction of western critizism….just like politics! When you want them to go right….act like you want them to go left! 🙂

  5. Any good ship or cancerous ones gets nerfed anyways so the odin isn’t that bad, that’s why I play the worst ships in the game so I don’t ever worry if it gets nerfed.

  6. The question comes down to, would I spend 3,500 doubloons if this ship was in the armory. The answer is no I would not. As you said, for those who have extra doubloons but not many of us do. So may be time for me to take a break.

  7. With all the other stuff that people state here, about torp protection and health pool… why does that thing only do 30kts? Bismarck and Tirpitz should be far heavier ships in terms of tonnage and stuff, and in general it would fit Odin so much, why dont give her 32/33 kts?

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