Nurse Speaks Why Blacks Are Dieing More Than Any Other Race From….

Like I said people are dieing from this shit but the numbers of deaths they was claiming was lies here is some more information from a nurse that we can …


  1. She is a lie I swear to god how you gone eat properly if you been eating fake food all your life she is not no doctor papa Duck you need to take that one down I fuck with your shit but I fuck with your shit but she by far not no Dam doctor

  2. Obvious body language = (I am reading from a pre written script). Rebuke the devils work in Jesus Christ Lord Saviors Name.

  3. Her wig don't even agree with what she saying. Can't be out here being lied to by some random woman who claims she work for healthcare but wearing Chinese hair. They murdering us and we are experiencing covert warfare. You can be docile, get vaccinated if you want to but this is the third Inquisition and I'm not participating in the ignorance. We need our numbers.

  4. A healthy diet will help also. First time Im hearing it explained this way. Seems it always gets worse.

  5. That sounds like me (malaise). I think I've had it for 10 years😩😩. I am such a hypochondriac that I can't tell what's wrong. I feel like crap all the time. When Jesus takes me, I will gladly go on. This is getting to be too much.

  6. Pause at any time of the video…. I know when a MF’r reading…. her eyes locked in on something

  7. No shit and what…..👌✋😉😯😭 stand with us or bow down welcome to the truth of my family history 😘💀

  8. This is bulshit this b** lie and I don't give a damn who Mama this is f**** maybe a part of the bolle or sometime this is fear mongering in the people who are buying into this y'all need to do your own research this b** lying yeah I said it I put my name on it

  9. Oregano tea has been used for centuries in Latin American third-world countries it is great for opening up nasal passages, easing lung congestion, and attacks viruses. Folks make a tea by boiling 2-5 minutes (about two tablespoons worth of oregano added to about 3 cups of water) until the tea mixture is a orange gold color; they add honey and drink several times a day if needed or once a day. Elderberry is also good for viral infections; it’s been used in the USA for hundreds of years (effectively). Folks add a cup of dry elderberries, 4 cups water, 2 tablespoons of ginger, cloves and cinnamon and boil for 45 minutes; drain into a glass jar. Once the syrup is cooled add honey (one cup). Folks take two tablespoons every two hours if they’re sick; if they’re not sick individuals can take two tablespoons daily to fight off viral infections. Children under one year cannot be given honey. I found dry elderberries at the health coop (certainty of less or no insecticides), and also everything else. The French government has already begun a vaccine test in Africa and there’s been deaths. Everything about this COVID-19 is suspicious,the numbers in New York speak of a terrible situation, yet I’ve seen videos of empty hospitals and empty funeral homes. I’d stay alert, they could add, or change the game-plan. People need to be brought up on charges and made to pay (prison time, and with money to those who’ve been damaged economically). Our economy is going to be in shambles once the lockdowns are lifted. Stay aware, stay safe.

  10. Black white Spanish Chinese whatever they moving on us with that new world order and when vaccines is mandatory we suffer because idiots of all races will be quote good guys and taking it the only side we need to be on right now is woke people.

  11. Is something wrong with Y’all 🤷‍♀️
    This woman is not lying 🤥
    I have nephew living in a household with 3
    Confirmed cases, one is ICU another still in the hospital and his Pregnant Fiancee is positive.

    Why is it, that we turn on people who try to help us? This lady who says she’s a Nurse is just giving us information based on her observations.
    So y’all insult her.
    That is why we are the bottom of everything.
    Because we refuse WISDOM on everything.

    In a minute, if we keep being so stupid,
    We’re headed back to the plantations, singing and buck dancing at the Master’s command,

    Thank you my Sister for sharing, I know you are not lying. 🙏🏿

  12. why you dieing , why cuz if you wood you wood stop dieing , thats all Ims saying .. just stop dieing ,, and stops callings you blacks .. Fuck me every day conversation in Alafuckingbama

  13. The thing you can’t stop a virus once it gets out you can only reduce the fast spreading symptoms so it’s just better to be naturally healthy and let the body take care the rest♨️🙏🏾💯

  14. Papa Duck I suspect this Nurse is Highly Suspect — She's acting like all of this is real — YES Black people are dying but in my Humble Opinion it's not from The Cerveza Bug .. When that Chinese Doctor tested the Black African from Cameroon his Labs Results said it was something in Black People's skin making them semi-IMMUNE from the CV -I think this pissed the White Supremaicists off – I believe Bill Gates was hoping all the Chinese in Africa would get the Africans affected/infected but by & large Africans are doing fine & I think is pissing the White Fragilasists off — So they turned their Anger on African Americans (let's not get into all of those titles Moors, Indians, etc you know who I mean) — US the melaninated beings of North American the wanted to make US with the most Melanin the face of the CoronaVirus.. So what do I think? I think they are likely killing our people either from Neglect — Direct Injections w/ the Virus — Contaiminated test .. Letting Poor A** Ni**a die in the Hospital from Neglect when they find out they ain't got no Insurance — We KNOW the CDC is incentivising Medical staff to write Covid-19 on Black Folks Papers (EveryBody's papers) if they 'suspect' a sniffle — A cough a runny nose they are being told by CDC & WHO to ASSUME it's CV-19 Check they are being paid $13+K in order to diagnose ANYTHING as CV-19 and they are being paid $41+K in order to put. folks on VENTILATORS — My folks that I know in Medical say it's DANGEROUS to put someone on a Ventilator that doesn't need one — I think they are Murdering our people Yeah I said it to keep White Folks clean and Angelic this is their way of making this like Ebola and West Nile Virus & Zika Virus put a Black Face on Disease -I think Black People's SLAVE DIET Popeyes Chicken Hog Maws Chitlins etc are killing them giving them Heart attack Stroke – Diabetes then they go to the Hospital and the Hospital writes on Death Certificate and Autospy they died from COVID -19 EVERYTHIN is CV-19 even car Accident is written as CV-19 – I liked when Nurse was laying out GrandMama's Natural Remedies that part was legit — (to give her credibility with US) -I'd like to Add Castor Oil – Cod Liver Oil – MicroDoses of Turpentine. and others I can't say because of YouTubes Censorship A.I . — But then this Black Nurse goes into The Euphemistic cover your face – (Which means do what the Government Ritual says and WEAR A MASK) – and she did the Government Mantra STAY HOME — (SHELTER at HOME — SHELTER IN PLACE) I think this Chick was sent to the Black Community as a Psy-OP (Psychological Operation) in order to get us to Comply with the Government Agenda she is meant to comfort us with the Image of yo Mama or your Grandmama but also She was sent to us to INSTILL FEAR.

  15. I think imma stop lookin at your video's dude. Everyone has a level of common sense, even animals. Im out here everyday and i dont see what this lady talkin about.

  16. She might be telling the truth but I feel like she was paid to as for as she's a nurse that's the only truth just maybe cause she's not wearing black or black n white n I'm not black i.part 👽 and indigenous thanku

  17. How this lady know more then the doctors and the people who created this virus, I did even listen to the whole video because it do make since to me that you know more than everybody else you must have got paid for this.

  18. On second thought, Sorry i made a mistake. Google London real tv. That's how you find the video's about the corona virus, that the media doesent want you to know!!! Go right now!!!!!


  20. I'm lost why would he put her up there I'm confused I'm lost can somebody help me by what's going on I thought it was bullshiting it seem like he having a change of mine why she up there if he isn't I'm confused somebody help me out

  21. If you do have stress issues yes you can get the C19 it's good to go to spot with no people and takes
    A walk every body need sun you die if being in house gets moldy so get sunshine and drink your tea if u do go to store wipe down your Iteams but not your food like vegetables acorouse ok .be safe people

  22. @Papa Duck Please look at NESERA GESARA we aren't going to get a chip God is revealing the Beast to us we'll get everything they've (Elites/Beast) back and then there's to be a thousand years of peace. See a couple on Red Pill 78 , Weekend Warrior's Channel it is about to break what those elite feared most was us finding out we was they're slave we weren't supposed to live like we're living but it's coming Please look they even lied totally about U.S. history-Freedom Force Battalion May Day May Day,the title of the video. Please Study and keep waking your people up.

  23. Once a upon of time it use to be white people dying a lot more than Us black people. But the elites tryna kill us off and have China blamed it on us

  24. My Mother, in a nursing home died April4~ cv19. I DO NOT BELIEVE IT.
    Now, that makes me also that knows no one w or who died from cv19.

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