Northern Lights Autoflower Final Yield

Here is the final video to wrap up my very first grow. I discuss some issues I came across with this grow, as well as the final over all yield! I hope you enjoyed this …


  1. Northern light will always remain my favorite strain it get me so high wit a great feeling 🤣 much love to California dispensary just received my package I order from them 2days ago.

  2. i find a slower dry gives you tasty bud…better terp profile… when drying just have the carbon on but no other fan movement the carbon is moving enough air around and wait…. 7/12 days and only half fill your jars 😉 looks nice well done.

  3. Cure then check smell , don’t dry to fast though . Try to trim as much as possible before you dry too.

  4. Dried it too fast. Leave more sugar leaf on while hanging. Before trim. Drying should take 5 to 7 days. Cure and burp for 2 weeks. If too dry use bovita packs

  5. Great video! I'm attempting to grow my first plant ever!! W the GG4 autoflower. I'm not confident in it be successful so if tjere is anyone that would love to reach out and show me the reins id really appreciate it. It's an indoor grown in a grow tent and stuck on soil or coco along w a week by week plan on how to grow it . thnaks lol sorry for the long comment

  6. First grow so ill be nice. nice commentary. more fans than plants nice. i started with the basics and kept EVerytING simple many years ago. next grow i suggest use all the space for weed in your tent to make the most of your energy and concentrate on learning more than utube.

  7. Excellent first grow! Your style is very similar to From Seed To Stoned. Very nice end result for one plant and would’ve loved to see the others make it. I would’ve maybe liked to see a little defoliation and perhaps some removal of the small popcorn nug sites, but is only my opinion. Very well done 👍🏻

  8. Hey bro nice grow congrats
    Just finished my first auto
    Been thinking about trying out a mars hydro soon

  9. Good job man!! Keep growing that bud. I'm going to be starting my first grow soon. Hope mine comes out good to.

  10. Friend, You dried at too low humidity and maybe too high temperature. It destroys the terpenes on tender cultivars like NL. Gotta go slow on that drying and keep moisture level to around 60-62% in flower container after you jar. It will be a beautiful pine spice smell almost floral. love some NL! Enjoy.

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