1. When i got my north star for the fisrt time back in October it smelt like earthy aromas. Kinda like its description. But more importantly i love it man. Im more into higher cbd especially if im getting high alone. With friends then more thc is fun

  2. In January last year, wee sluecc fell ill. It’s okay, just a temperate sildenafil, which passed in five days. But the temperature abruptly returned beside the intent of the month: the thermometer showed 38. The youngster was urgently hospitalized with fever and convulsions. A scattering hours later, three-year-old Yegor stopped breathing – he fell into a coma. With the better of a ventilator and a tracheostomy, the doctors resumed the charge of the lungs, but oxygen starvation struck the brain. The kid has confounded the aggregate that he managed to learn in three years. The diagnosis is posthypoxic encyphalopathy.

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