1. It's autoscripted, they key worded the script, you can't say vaxx word, we call them shotz now, ecc, ecc, ecc, it goes on and on. So my advice, dtube, link in description, put up a flag video.

  2. Excellent coverage, it never stops; weed curres _________. every single time. hm, I was wondered over time to get a country to totally trade virtue for vice (liberty quote) well fear them into thinking canna will prevent. its such a joke on us. why would the system suspend the Document while trolling us wil 4 sixes, they are really trying ti jack summer 2020

  3. Jesus Christ! Why am I more pressured to smoke the dope than I was in the GD 70s? I have to think they want us all too stoned to fight them. I notice there's no disclamers – there never are – that if you have heart disease, cannabais can induce heart attack/stroke because it can cause rapid heartbeat. TCB in any form does that. As does Advil and ibuprofren. Which I also can't take for that reason. But, in the 70s, I said no thank you when they passed the joint around. They laughed and teased me about being square and dropped it. These days, no one accepts a polite no thank you and strangers on the internet give me grief about not taking what could kill me. They get freaking p*ssed at me even after I explain how it could kill me. I'm sick of the effing sh*t that could kill me being pushed on me. (Sorry for the rant.)

  4. I meant below that if you d e l e t e your * p h o N e noti fi CA t I o N s. I tried to come back and correct and it wouldn't allow and also getting networks issues code… That happens all the time.

  5. Yeah…. On web yt took away share option. To keep us from finding each other. First it was the chat go to channel option. Next it'll be for speaking against the narrative. Then jail for speaking our truth. Then jail for not following mandatory events. Keep on moving girl. Keep on doin u. #faithandfearless

  6. Hi Elle: Sorry someone had a beef with your video. A lot of people, as you know, can't handle Info on what's really going on going out to others. Maybe videoing that drop onto your phone & relabeling it will help?? Thank you for all you do. God Bless you & yours.

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