NO MORE MEAT: Plants Close "Indefinitely"

Smithfield warns of meat shortages after closing their Sioux Falls plant indefinitely, offlining 7+% of USA hog production capacity. Our food production is being …


  1. Why do i see so many places short of food while they dump squash on the beach or rot?? I dont understand why people arent allowed to sell if they dont sell to that one supplier. Just because restaurants and schools cant use these why cant the stores have more? Even our discount market cant get seconds like they used to. Its just so weird.

  2. ive already started feeding the wildlife round my house , so when the meat runs out i will be eating pigeon, squirrel , magpie pie and deer if i can get one ………its gonna be dog eat dog

  3. They have free meat in texas. They say tons of wild boars there everyone. You would have to do all the hard work. Tons of wild boars. Tons of fishes in the ocean too. Tons.

  4. they should think about the people who get sick in this factory if they keep ignore this problem. you going have people don't want to work anymore see people die at there job. they need reduce how many people can be in factory at time and put up plastic Boarder between worker and shutdown at night to be clean. they didn't do this why see place shutdown. No one control Covid-19 at this time if we don't have vaccine. none this factory were thinking about how keep are worker safety at this time.

  5. Trump needs to use the Defense Production Act to immediately take over Smithfield, before the supply chain damage escalates. Sanitize all the plants, test workers, hire up new workers, fire and deport all the Chinese managers and workers. Seize all assets of Smithfield, including physical assets, real estate, financial assets .. hold them in receivership until after the COVID 19 Wuhan Nuremberg styled trials and lawsuits are settled. Same thing with all other Chinese owned assets in USA, including Chinese Ships entering US ports. Crazy stupid that quisling 5th Column pro–China propaganda fake news in USA does not even mention the fact that Smithfield is owned by China. Chinese COVID 19 pandemic spreads thru Chinese owned factories in USA .. not even mentioned by the fake news??? Trump should use the Defense Production Act to immediately take over the fake news media outlets in the US also, fire all the pro-china fake news quisling 5th column traitors and replace them with new journalism graduates from reputable colleges.

  6. Saturday April 18, 2020 6pm visit to Safeway grocery store Bay Area (CA). It's no longer the paper isles that are empty, majority of dairy and produce were empty. I asked the clerk about the stock and she responded that was because their truck drivers weren't working on Easter, I'm not sure how that has to do with anything. The clerk also stated that they weren't very busy. The store only had 20 customers when I was there and this is a large and usually well stocked store.

  7. The quanon is a way to keep the patriots at ease until it is to late. I voted for trump and will do so again if we have another election. I have a family member who has been basically brainwashed by this bullshit, I farm for a living and am a 3rd generation farmer so it's easy for me to see. Our first amendment is gone and all we have done is buy toilet paper and the Q idiots will continue to say "trust the plan" all the way to communism.

  8. Glad I have 25# of bacon stashed. 😂. Funny how a Chinese owned meat packer in a state with an oddly high amount of corona virus for how desolate it is. Coincidence? How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible…..

  9. We had a delicious chickpea and kale soup, with a wild edible green salad, and lentil "sausage". Not stressing over any lack of meat here, but will get concerned if my fennel doesn't go to seed this summer.

  10. I have read many of the comments below. I would like to clear up the misguide idea that the government is closing down these meat packing plants. The VIRUS, plant managers and owners are the ones closing this plants.
    If you would just do some research and engage your brains you would know why these plants are closing.
    All the plants that have closed have had many employees become infect with COVID-19. Employees in these plants are working right next to each other. When one person gets infected it is almost impossible to not have others becoming infected.
    If you have ever worked in a meat packing plant you would know it doesn't matter how protected you are on the floor of the plant. Once you head to lunch in the lunch rooms you become unprotected. You are not sitting there with mask and gloves on.
    In just one plant 130 workers were infected befor anyone knew they were. There are also many people that show no symptoms at all but are infecting people they come in contact with.
    Plant workers are becoming infected and some have died from this virus. This is the real reason these plants are closing.
    As more and more people become infected, farmers that grow the grains to feed livestock will not be supplying cattle farmers, dairy farmers and poultry farmers, more and more of these livestock will be killed and buried.
    Out come more meat packing plants will be closing down. Little to no meat products available. Little to no dairy products.
    In the late 1960's there was just under 10,000 meat packing plants and slaughterhouses in America, today there is just over 1,000 and now those are having to close down.

  11. Veganism is the same as being HUMAN. Compassionate and feel love for all creatures. Animals are sentient beings (soul=anima in latin). They feel just like us. But humans have a conscience, and being human means not harming them with or without a purpose. Meat production is a evilish chain leading to Earth collapsing, as we are all one. Thanks for this lockdown, benevolent ET’s put it in place to save the planet and its animals. Wake up. Go vegan

  12. Western PA here, I stopped by a local Farm to get some beef. Lady said she has a limited supply of everything and she has to put a pound limit on certain products. I said a pound limit on certain products. I asked her why just to hear her answer. She said they couldn't keep up with Supply when everything first started so they're probably not going to have house ready until at least July.

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