1. Hillary didn't win a single of those Rust Belt states (Mich, Penn, Wisconsin, Ohio, even Iowa), did she even care to campaign there? No. She deserved to lose, she deserves to lose today. Removing the Electoral College means you think Cali and NYC alone should elect the President. How is that fair to the states? It's not that hard. If she won the Rust Belt, even just two of the three we wouldn't have a Pres. Trump. For crying out loud, Penn and Mich aren't even red states. Wouldn't hurt to educate yourself more on the Electoral College's advantages.

  2. I though the whole purpose of the Electoral College is to give smaller states a little more representation than they would normally have

  3. The second map would require a change in the House and, honestly, having 3,000+ members of Congress would be a disaster. How could you ever debate anything effectively?

  4. I know that this is an opinion that is not popular but I would just like to have a respectful disagreement to the majority of comments that I am seeing near the top, The Electoral College ensures the representation of large sections of the the voting population and I fear that the abolishment of the system would deeply upset the minority of the country, if 51% of the country likes the summer party and 49% likes the winter party and the summer voters will never vote for the winter party and the winter party voters will never vote for the summer party, then the winter party voters would never get representation in an entire branch of our government, 2 if you account for the Supreme Court. Let’s say in Congress they are represented in 1 house 50% of the time and they have full control 25% of the time, then (if my math is right) they will get 25% of representation despite being 49% of the population. I know this is an unpopular position and everybody is welcome to have their own opinions, MY ONLY WISH IS THAT ANY DISCUSSION THAT MAY OR MAY NOT OCCUR AS A RESULT OF MY COMMENT IS RESPECTFUL.

    -Have a nice day and stay safe in this difficult time

  5. I like just scrapping the Electoral College outright and going with a popular vote Election. Hillary lost, by winning with 3 million votes 😛 That sure makes sense 😛 Twice in the last 20 years the Electoral College has ignored a Democratic Popular vote lead and it's cost us dearly.. 8 years of an awful Bush Jr. Presidency and 4 years of an absolutely abysmal Trump shitshow circus.. Especially if the Democrats win the House, Senate, and Presidency in November, many like me will demand they scrap the Electoral College. I hope they have the balls to do that. There is nothing Democratic about the Electoral College

  6. In both the current system and the system with 3,288 electoral votes, Donald Trump would’ve received about 57% of the total electoral votes. 306/538=56.87%. 1872/3288=56.93%

  7. Kinda made a video like this kinda didnt depends on how you see it, I did the delegates of both party primaries and transitioned it into a general election. Now that I think about this video is pretty dope

  8. Lol! Trump will seek re-election in 2024!!! republican turnout will get even even higher in 2024 and all the way up to 2026!!!! to dominate the house and senate again in 2024!!!! unified GOP government and more fear hatred and division!!!!! cut medicaid food stamps and social security with entitlement programs and combine with more deaths with covid-19 pandemic!!!! red wave in 2022!!!! and another red wave in 2024!!!! and again red wave in 2026!!!! riots!!! more riots and protests!!!!! R.I.P. america!!! trump for life HAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

  9. I agree that the Electoral College needs some overhauling. I like the idea of dividing a state's population by 100,000 to determine the number of electoral votes that state gets. I also think that each state should do away with "winner take all" and allocate their electoral votes based on percentage. There was a proposal in Colorado that was rejected by voters in 2004; had it passed, the state's 9 electoral votes would have been divided by percentage of popular vote. In that election, Bush and Kerry would each have had 5 and 4 electoral votes, respectively, given the close margin between them.

  10. Oh wow! This guy just pulls random ideas out of his rear-end and says out loud if maybe they will be implemented in the future. I'm thinking 'no' on that one, pal!

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