We had such a great time filming our first morning routine video for you guys! Hope you enjoy this glimpse into a typical morning for us! If you would like to …


  1. I was a muslim. Your videos inspired to read bible and I finally have decided to embrace Christianity. A beautiful religion!

  2. Não falo inglês.,Mas Amei o seu canal do YouTube, Sua família é linda e você é uma mãe exemplar parabéns

  3. Wow I’m crying right now. You are such a lovely mother and your kids and your husband are so wonderful too! May god bless you and your family.

  4. This video is bliss!! It's pure and divine.This is the video that got me hooked on to your channel since 6months and I am in love with your family since then. Lots of love to you all. Stay strong,healthy and happy…..

  5. Que corazón tan hermoso parece que Dios sonríe cada que los ve 😇😍♥️🇨🇴👏👏

  6. i came here from a disgusting meme about this on insta, but i’m actually impressed. god bless you❤️

  7. In these quarantine days… I found a good vibe of video vlogs of yours… I just loved I am a new subscriber.. But i want to watch your every video… I loved it.. May God bless all of you… And mom you're a great angel…

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