My Honest Experience While Living in Las Vegas|What They Don't Tell You (2020)

This is my honest experience while living in Las Vegas Nevada in 2020. Alot of people have asked me how is it living in Las vegas Nevada since I moved here …


  1. Peace Family, I want to clarify that Vegas does have opportunities for you to thrive. Also, just because I have had several racial profiling instances doesn't mean you will, but it is definitely possible.

  2. Sorry not sorry but I cannot stand when people tell black people how they should think or feel. Most of the people who holler against YOUR EXPERIENCE are the very same ones being racist towards people. Don't allow anyone to take away from your experience which I'm sure you're wise enough to know. Great video btw brotha. And you're not lying about Vegas. I tried and have heard so many ppl who say the same as you.

  3. Your maturity & self awareness are what's going to get you through the challenges of this transition in Vegas. Hope things turn around soon ❀

  4. Please pay these people no mind. Don’t you dare apologise or explain yourself to those people. Wishing you so much happiness, health and success. Love from across the water πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ˜˜

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