Most Efficient DIY LED Grow Light For Veg Up to a 4'x4' Area Featuring Quantum Board 120's

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  1. Question, what is the actual footprint coverage for this set up? I know it says 4×4 ft, but on amazon it suggests that for a 4x4ft you need 6-8 boards 120’s…also, can this boards be used throughout all the stages of the plants cycles; seedling, veg & flower

  2. AC voltage doesn't have positive and negative. AC black is not ground, it's the load or hot wire. White is not negative, it's the common wire. At least you got green being ground.

  3. @12:00 cheap addition for safety of the boards would be to put a piece of thin plexiglass over the whole bottom, just use the existing frame to mount. Easy way to prevent any splash issue plus adds some bump protection to the diodes just sitting out exposed on the board.

  4. I really love your channel; however, you are sponsored by Quantum boards and only talk about them. Thus, I have reservations about your unbias opinion… rant over

  5. Junk… Go get a 620 watt driver..

    Pointless to deliver less then 75 watts per board. Tho the 150 watt quantum boards should be run at 125 watts each…

    I have 4 quantum boards at 620 watts with the ability to dim as needed…. That's the way to use QBz. You could literally but 260 watts actual at wall watts to two V2 QBs.

    Now that I see those boards are not V2 boards so your right… 240 watts is mear its limit. But why use the weak boards??

  6. Very nice video πŸ‘πŸ‘. I love these boards. Replaced my t 5 fixture with two builds like this using 4k instead of the 3k. Now I veg a 4×8 with same watts that my t5 use to use over a 4×4. Best part, no more bulbs to replace, I always broke those no matter what lol. Keep up the great work.

  7. Lrs from meanwell drivers are very cheap and i no with the qb132's they can b ran at max 75 watts and can rest hand on boards and drivers. Small fan built in kicks on about 3/4 way turnd up. I did 8 qb 132's on a 4×4 fixture using 2 lrs-350-36. I no ur using the 120's arnt they 24 volts max? The lrs drivers are half the price of hlg style drivers. Meanwell makes both . 600watts true watts draw for 275 bucks. Cant beat it. 8 qb120's& qb132's r best options for 4×4 or 4×5. Space lights bout 12 inches a part and u wil get best coverage imo. But good work bro

  8. 4 of the qb120's will actually run quite well on the meanwell HLG-240h-c2100a. You're limiting the power potential with the 1750a or the 1400. The boards can take up to 2500mA and that rating is conservative. The 240h-c2100a will actually put way past the rated current to about 2400mA. Many meanwell drivers run a little on the "hot" side putting out a bit more then they're rated for. Even at 2500mA the qb120's don't run very hot at all. If you wired them in parallel with an HLG-240h-24a they would actually get the max rated power of 2500mA each. That's significantly more output then the 1750a would offer you. We're talking 30% brighter.

  9. I've been building with these boards for over a year. 4 of them in a 4×4 is good for veg. You'll need 8 to properly flower the entire area. Just look at the recommended coverage area ratings for each board at HLG. 2×2 rated veg coverage and 1×2 rated flower coverage or 2 square foot per board in flower.

  10. So why 3000K and not 4000K for veg? Or are you just running this start to end?
    I am looking to build me a decent mother tent light and was thinking this but in 4000.
    Side note: for those with any heat issues in the warmer climates: consider mounting your driver outside of the grow space.

  11. Real nice build, simple and effective it looks.

    I removed that product sticker from the angle aluminum of my diy frame(s) – incase – just incase the heat did something bad. And the HLG sticker on the driver…I'd be concerned because that driver is gonna get to around 55*C!
    Just wanted to say that in case man – better safe than.. on fire, haha πŸ˜€

    That last flutey-jazzy track was nice too.


  12. Great video my dude. Those quantum boards are awesome. I might have to get some for the tent. You did an awesome job explaining how to hook one up. RespectπŸ‘Š

  13. Whats up BLG see your still hanging in there brother hope all is well with you!! Great informative video I will definitely be looking at all the HLG products when I am ready to replace lights. Peace brother!!

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