Michigan issues first recreational marijuana license

Originally streamed live at facebook.com/mlive – The State of Michigan issued the first recreational marijuana retail license on November 19, 2019 at Exclusive …


  1. All the foot dragging has been disappointing to say the least. Our state has missed out on millions in revenue while our government clowns pretend that selling something is a new concept. I’m just glad they can’t incriminate us for it anymore and we can grow. Since we obviously don’t need the revenue the state should lose the taxes on it, if they wanted the taxes stores would’ve opened the month we legalized. Grow your own.

  2. Congrats it took the state well over a year to issue 3 yes 3 licenses….. what a joke! Not to mention the COUNTLESS city's that have opted out…. including Detroit one of the city's that needs the tax revenue the most!!!! Imagine going to your job at the SOS and only issuing 3 driver's license in over a year…. YOU WOULD BE FIRED!!! Glad the Michigan Senate passed it for December 1st…..ITS A SUNDAY and nothing can be registered to sell….. no worries no need to look at a CALANDER Michigan politician's just throw a number and a month out there and hope for the best….. I'm glad its slowly comming but it's been long enough get it done!!!

  3. Got my license few weeks ago at a cheap price from my legit plug i have been doing business with for a while now you can get him on IG as (Kendybrown) or you inbox me for more Info's about him

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