Michael Pollan On The Healing Power Of Psychedelics | TIME

Author Michael Pollan explored the therapeutic properties of psychedelics for his latest book, “How to Change Your Mind.” His research includes firsthand …


  1. Who ever made this video: thank-you for talking about psilocybin mushrooms, WHILE depicting images of mushrooms that actually ARE psilocybin species! So many videos, for some reason, think it's a good idea to use footage of, NOT the actual ones they speak on, as if that could NEVER cause a harmful mistake!

  2. Just finished reading his book, if you're keen on psychedelics and seeking a good place to start on educating yourself on their use as a tool for mental health, it's a good place to start.

  3. Any sense of impending doom is the focus on the fear and missing the big picture. 1. Let go – 2. Embrace the full experience – 3. No, you're fine. 4. How's the full experience going?

  4. Does anyone remember Jill Bolte Taylor's TED talk about what happened when she had a stroke and she was in touch with the two sides of her brain? Have a listen, and see if it rings a bell with his ego-less experience.
    SO what are the long term consequences to using substances like this – with or without a guide? If you need to process childhood trauma, EMDR is more useful, and does not require the ingestion of any drugs. Why the medicalisation of everything, and always back to what pill you can take? Buyer beware. Michael Pollan is not a scientist himself, he is a very good writer, and has created a pseudo scientific reputation by reporting on various subjects. He is not a doctor either, and my concern is that people will see this or read it and think, "great, I am going to get some of that and give it a go".
    I know people who still have flashbacks – this is not something for people to play with. And why is it some people can have spiritual experiences without taking any drugs? What about having experience of awe or other forms of spirituality without enhancement? I am just shaking my head at this exploitative, cynically commercial book.

  5. You know what would make my brain break its patterns? People acting decently for once…
    Seriously – I have unusual control over my mind. The problem is when I work on overcoming something (and basically all my problems stem from social issues) but don't get rewarded by society. Then it's like… why do I even bother trying if people don't respond well?
    This life just isn't for everyone… you don't have as much control over it as most argue. Because with social things (and those are obviously key), it doesn't really matter THAT much what you do. Yes, you can work on flaws. But in the end, the flaws exist because your environment put them there in the first place. And your environment will allow you to change or punish you for trying to.

  6. The CIA and U.S. intelligence were the top LSD traffickers in the world, at least until the mid1970s. An Italian judge and an Italian governmental commission found that Ronald Stark, when they arrested him in Italy, had been working for U.S. intelligence since 1960. He led the top LSD trafficking network in the world, partly with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love and some British intelligence agents pretending to be well-meaning. See accounts of it in Acid Dreams, as well as Det. Dick Lee's Operation Julie, and Drugs as Weapons Against Us.

  7. Wait, isn't Time the same magazine that pushed psychedelics many years ago? Is this another one of Time's unscrupulous drug and culture revivals?

    Follow the money people. If these pro psychedelic educated people can get these drugs legalized to a schedule III drug, they stand ready to create and invest and get millions of dollars a for a diagnosed mentally ill society. They are following the same pattern as big pharma, laughing all the way to the bank. Think I'm wrong? Watch them. We are being used, again. It's faulty info. The 60's and all the dust of the issues have settled but the drug problems won't go away. Pollan is another spokesperson for their ultimate agenda.

  8. With all due respect; I have always known I am not identical to my ego. I wish you have given spoken about how LSD has helped just one bipolar, alcoholic, obsessive compulsive person.

  9. I'd like to know who this community of professionals are because they are allowing all these new age pro-psychedelic users to speak as if the drugs are the end-all be-all to anyone: uncontrolled use and not giving the full story of neither their full experiences, good or bad. Meanwhile, people have bad lasting effects and even deaths because of the ignorance being perpetuated. Another secret community by the educated.

  10. I've been listening to the NPR radio interviews this week wishing I could get through and voice a counter opinion that,… there isn't anything one can do or learn with intoxicants or mind altering chemical pharmacology that cannot be done more productively with natural consciousness shifting methods and guided mental training.
    Lot's of John Lennon quotes from mid 60's about relaxing and floating downstream etc… and yes, John wanted to "turn everybody on" during this period, … but it passed, faded away for good reason. He later found the a good cup of coffee or the smell of home baked bread to be more than sufficient.
    If one wishes to believe they are more enlightened for using psychedelics, well OK it's your journey. But to recommend it as therapeutic for finding one's mental health is just naive. We have been there, experimented with that and moved on. Honestly, despite this authors personal stories of tripping, I didn't find that he conveyed anything that added to the conversation and (from the look of some of the comments below), only seems to validate what ends up as dead end road of a rather immature phase of growth and development.
    Just my professional opinion based on my experience and observations.
    With good thoughts to you all. πŸ™‚

  11. I like Pollan's work on food but this?…..not good timing when viewed in relation to today's epidemic of opioid and adder-all addicted youth.
    I realize he's not saying it's ok to take drugs, but some foolish people may think he is. Although, drug addicts probably wont even know who Pollan is. Except in Silicon Valley…..where this kind of experimentation is alive and well.

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