1. Part 2 will be released tomorrow! 💛 I’m going to be making a Psychedelics Q&A video soon so be sure to comment any questions that you have down below! Thank you for watching!

  2. I understand the whole experience with your parents was traumatic. However, you should not be endorsing the use of mushrooms as a cure. I know the risks of mushroom use is quite low but it varies from person to person. It’s great that you’re depression was cured from mushrooms but you’re depression stems out of situation not because hormonal imbalances I.E thyroid or serotonin.

  3. the meaning of life isnt taking intoxicants. Its understanding there is a higher power that feeds you blessings. there are no multiple higher powers. its one God, Allah.

  4. wow that is crazy Areege (not in a bad way) but thanks for sharing your experience it was really interesting to hear!! When was the last time for you doing this?0

  5. Uhreej. You can lose your mind to shit like this. I work at a hospital so I know. Ive seen things. Please stay away from illegal drugs. Theres a reason why their illegal. Just go and make peace with your family. Thats the cure you need 👍

  6. Great video Uhreej. Will share my favorite trip at the bottom, figured I would add some friendly advice first.
    For any curious seekers out there, let me give you 5 dimensions of solid advice, to consider, before tripping on psychedelics.
    1. Check your mindset: Do not walk in to a trip, in an aimless state of mind. Do it to learn something, do it to explore something – ask yourself a question, or pledge to search for something, before going in. Never do it, out of boredom, or for the sake of peer pressure. Treat it with respect, it can be a life-changing experience. It is like dreaming awake, what you bring with you, going in, will manifest. Just as your mind brings up things, when you dream at night.
    2. Check your setting: Do not surround yourself, with people you do not really trust. It is better to be alone, or with a single great friend. Than to be surrounded by a party of people, whom you are not close to. Do not have an appointment early next morning, do not have your phone on, and people calling you down with issues, while you are tripping. Treat it like a trip away from your daily life – like going to the movies, trip first, then pick things back up later, when it wears off. Do not keep weapons around, lock them up. Keep away from mirrors, they trigger a strong reaction (surreal awareness of yourself), that may freak you out, if you are inexperienced with psychedelics. Do not invite people, who will play cruel tricks – that is not what you need, when you are tripping.
    3. Do research beforehand: Find out what you are dealing with, my advice is to start with something natural. Do Mushrooms or a high dose of cannabis for starters – these will not kick you in to space, if you have no experience with tripping. Leave Mescaline / LSD / DMT, until you have tried something lighter first. Control the dose, make sure you measure it.
    4. Surrender: You may not feel in control, during parts of the trip, it is okay – it wears off in time. It often hits you in waves, you slip under, and then come back to having some control. Or it may spiral up, towards a peak, and then slowly die out, over a span of hours. Treat it like being in a movie theater, the doors close, the lights go off. You feel removed from your normal self, but it is not gone – the movie will end, the doors will open, and you will walk out, at the end of it. Relax, trust yourself – you are okay. Many will question, if they are never going back to normal, but you will – relax. Keep your surroundings simple; your mind will react, to what is going around you – a quiet room or an empty forest may be better – than a music festival full of people (too much input – too many sounds – too many faces).
    5. Consider a 'Trip-Sitter', if you have no experience: For our crowd, we often have a single person, who stays on something light. They may have some alcohol, maybe they smoke a little weed (they are experienced with this). But they stay closer to normal, than the rest of us. In this way, we can go deep in to a trip, and if someone has a bad experience – or if they are experiencing something very intense; then you have a person, with much more self-control, who can guide and calm you down.
    >- My advice for the Trip-Sitter: Expect your participants, to act like children, caught up in their own imagination / their own mindset. They will do something unexpected, they will say something that puts you off-guard. This is fine – and your reaction should be to meet it, with a simple tone. If they are high energy, then you try to meet their enthusiasm (That is great, tell me more, AMAZING!). If they are caught in their own head, then give them space and peace, just check up on them (pay attention to their body language, ask them if they need water or food – use a calm and low tone, try not to shock them, as they may be deep in thought). Maybe they are freaking out, then you are there to calm them, by being their voice of reason (it will pass, I am RIGHT HERE, are you thirsty?, you are in this room with me – and X – Y – Z, you are safe, I am looking out for you). Like Uhreej said, it can be a very emotional experience for some. Allow them to feel, whatever they are feeling. You do not need to give council them, just listen – ask them what they are experiencing if they are talkative, assure them you are protecting them, that they are somewhere familiar, that it will pass. Do not use complicated language or questions, keep it simple – do not overwhelm their mind. Imagine you are speaking to a scared child, your job is to comfort them.
    Mushrooms in the Woods
    My own favorite trip, was doing a high dose of Mushrooms, with a female friend. I ingested 2.5 grams of mushrooms (by then, I was experienced with it, this is a high dose for most), and she ingested about 1.1g (she also had experience). It was the high of summer, and we both had a large swath of time to ourselves, during the summer break from college. We chose the setting, of a large forested area, a place we already knew, so as to not the completely lost (this was in the days before GPS and Google, on the phone). We started early in the day, having a light breakfast, we brought snacks (dried fruit and nuts), plenty of water, some music (a couple of mixed CD's and a discman, a portable cd player – I am old, I know). Then we settled on an open clearing, deep in the forest. By then, it was around 9 am, Saturday morning. We ingested the mushrooms, and waited, while lapping up the sun. 45-60 minutes passed, we were in a relaxed state, under the rising midday sun, as the effects began to take hold.
    The first thing that hit me, was a warm sensation in my stomach, a sensation of being dizzy / with my thoughts racing in anticipation of what was to come – the physical sensation was that of a light buzz of alcohol, or being slightly stoned. Then followed a more full sensation of this ''dizziness'', throughout my limbs, it felt as if it was pulsating in tune with my heartbeat. I found myself lying on the grass, feeling it run along my legs and arms (I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts). As if I was a giant tree, with the underbrush slowly creeping up, to hug me, and envelop me. I was at peace with it, no fear – no resistance. My ego (my need to feel in control of the situation), arose multiple times, trying to fight this feeling of being mentally emerged – here my experience kicked in, and I focused my breathing, to calm down, as the nervous energy came. It was a tug of war for a awhile, then my mind started to relax.
    Meanwhile, she was chatty – she told me about the new friends she had made, from the ended semester, about these deep questions she had, about her parents (that is a long story, chalk it up, to what she was searching for, going in). I listened, although, I was not in a state to give her constructive feedback. She noticed, and we settled in to cuddling (we were close as friends, it was not a sexual thing to us). She put music on, it was Massive Attack – Mezzanine, a big hit that year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66A_3uwuZ_I&list=PLfGibfZATlGr5c_eKUQ6EuDyB7yw3OrYb
    It was perfect for this.
    I synchronized my breathing to the music, and tried to let it carry my thoughts away, as we snuggled up on the blanket we brought, leaning against our folded up clothes, in the warm sun. It went somewhere else, the overhanging tree-tops and clouds melted together – while the rushing leafs, singing birds and hit-hat drum melted together. In this place, I was confronted with the questions I had asked myself, as we set out this morning. An overwhelming mix, of regret – anger – and sadness came and went, as I processed the things that came to mind (this is deeply personal, and requires a long foreword, so let me just sum it up; I was confronted with what I asked for, and was able to stare at it, with my mind's eye, just like a dream, dealing with a hard personal topic).
    We spent 6 hours in that clearing. She changed the music, we cried together, we laughed together, the trees talked, the ground and sky rolled back and forth – swelling and shrinking, as if everything was breathing. The colors were stronger, and chromatic; found you a video, to give you a good example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfPbeTd2PW0
    I felt fear and ecstasy – it was truly a beautiful experience. But also very intense. Had she not been there, I would not have done it (the big dose – in a remote part of a forest). I got some insights to the questions, I had asked myself. And this helped me work on it, when I later reflected on the experience. I would give anything to lie there again, melting in to the ground, feeling her hand in mine, being far removed from who I was, and where I was. We lost touch, but I remember her – and our trip in the woods, very fondly.
    Respect yourselves, and take good measures before you trip. Thank you for sharing Uhreej!
    (Edit: Here is the unofficial online-community, for us who love psychedelics – like I said, start light, with Cannabis or Mushrooms)
    Be safe!

  7. Drugs cured my depression until my parents found out, that’s when I really got depressed. After hitting highs repeatedly my mind asks if there is more to feel? Would I say NO to trying the next substance? wondering if that is the one to really fix me.. slippery slope

  8. I’ve done shrooms three times now. I’ve had one great, healing trip and two not great trips. I noticed that the good one happened when I had set my intentions to learn more about myself but with the other two experiences I took them more out of boredom and more or less to get fucked up. Just my two cents 🙂

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