Macujo Method – Does It Help to Pass a Hair Drug Test in 2019? Update!!!

If you watch this video you more than likely have no idea how to pass a hair drug test for marijuana next …


  1. Do I have to do this couple days before the test day . Or can I start doing this month before the test day? I plan on doing this method and then doing a home drug test kit to see if I pass . But I don’t know if you do this couple of day before the test . Or you can start now and once you detox it stay like that?

  2. I washed my hair with aloe rid shampoo for 18 days straight, I’ve been doing the macuto method for 2 1/2
    Weeks. I used a hair home test and I passed. How are my chances looking to pass the real drug test?

  3. So last time I smoked was last night.. I been smoking almost every night for the past 3 weeks. Just my wife and I at night time. If I take a hair test two weeks from now would I be alright using this method??🤔

  4. You can lay in the bathtub credit 3/4 of a gallon of bleach for about 45 minutes and keep splashing it on your head in your past the test

  5. Does it help with cocaine? I did a small amount about a week ago but have been doing this method once every day, and aloe vera toxin rid twice a day as a shampoo and body wash

  6. I stop 3 day ago today is friday i have a hair test Monday morning. Does toxin rid and tide and hines vinger will it work if i dont have the zy dot. Is there any thing else i can use to help the process clean my hair

  7. This worked for me and i have over half the bottle left! Willing to sell it for $120. lmk if you're interested. I also accidentally bought two zydot clean and so i have that still too which i'd sell for cheap as well.

  8. Hi my name is Alex. I was applying for a good job and found out that I had to take a hair test in order to get the Job. I had seven days to clean my hair and rid it of any toxins. I order the Aloe Toxin ride shampoo and the ultra clean Shampoo followed with the ultra clean shampoo. I applied the steps vary following the step by step directions and procedures in accordance the Macuojo Method. Trust me when I said I applied this method fifteen time and I did it correctly and didn’t cross contaminate by wearing anything on my head, old hats, head bands, hair nets, etc. I Failed. This product is a scam and does not work. Save your money. Lesion learned. If you wanna pass just don’t do drugs for ninety day prior to the hair test. Now I remind you that there are to kind of hair test, A. the normal hair test and B. the hair follicle test. I took the normal hair test and still FAILED! !!!DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IT DOES NOT WORK!!! OR ANY OTHER PRODUCT. Thank you guys

  9. I did a small line of coke 7 weeks ago..probably about 50 mg. Haven't done anything else in years. I did a personal hair follicle test and it was negative with a 300ng/ml cutoff, but the test I have to take is 150 ng/ml. What does anybody think are my chances of passing. I can get out of the test but if I take it I'm either getting a great career move or my life is getting f'd up.

  10. I have a drug test coming up but ive been sober 90 days what are my chances of passing using this method

  11. Im a heavy smoker, smoke about 3 wax cartridges a week and about 10grams a week, for the past 2 years. Whay are my chances of passing with a hair test in the upcoming month or 2?

  12. I’m still on my 5th treatment. I wanted to go 9 but I honestly don’t think I can handle any more treatments.. this shit burns like hell. I smoked a few times almost 2 months ago. Do you think I’ll pass or should I do more treatments.. I have 1 more day before my test.

  13. I take about 20 herbs & vitamin supplements a day, and before a follicle drug test you're supposed to list all medications AND supplements taken in case it could account for a positive result. If I go in there and list a page's worth, is there a chance they could refuse to test me and then I don't get hired? Would it be best to only list a few, or all? What do you suggest? I'm no longer a regular toker, haven't been for many months, but I did partake in a few doobs on my birthday and one on New Year's about 2 and 4 months ago. I'm not as worried about that as the supplements, and yes, I'm def going to buy this product to cover my bases. Thank You

  14. Hi Detox John. I’ve been an extremely infrequent and light smoker this past year — here is my most recent record:
    100% clean months of sept and August October 8th (tiny hit)
    October 26th
    November 4th (high as fuck)
    Dec 23rd ( VERY tiny hit)
    Dec 31st (tiny hit)
    Clean entire month of January
    I’m a female, 5’5, 117 lbs, extremely fast metabolism, moderately active, very healthy diet. My test is February 5th. I’ve done the Macujco method (without aloe rid, with baking soda paste) once – and I have Zydot for the day before. This shit is really killing my hair and scalp though – how many more times (realistically) do I need to do this in the next two days in order to pass this test? thank you so much for reading

  15. I did coke on December 3rd and haven’t done any other drugs since, and I have a hair follicle test coming up in 3 weeks towards the end/beginning of February and am curious what would be the best time to start Macujo method for the best results so I can pass my test

  16. If they take pubic hair or armpit hair do I use the same method and can two ppl use the same bottle of aloe rid and pass a hair test

  17. After I put the vinegar and clean and clear in my scalp it doesn’t burn does it matter what vinegar I use

  18. I did one single key bump of coke 4 weeks ago, im about to order this. no idea when the test is but do you think i should still do it considering it was a 1 time use?

  19. I am 75 days clean I was a heavy smoker before hand … I did the whole macujo method twice 3 days before and six times a day before.. also once the day of and then zydot the day of… do you think I passed?

  20. I have passed 2 hair test only using Heinz Vinegar, T-Sal Shampoo & Zydot Ultra Clean
    The first test I didn't smoke for a month
    The second test was one 4 days notice

    I just took one today on 2 day notice. I'll let you guys know how it it goes in about a week.

  21. So I took my test yesterday. Did the whole method over a course of about 6 days. Did was going to do the test on the 5th day. But the place couldn’t do it so I went the next which was on a Friday, wondering if that will effect my chances of passing because of the lab most likely not testing it until Monday or Tuesday. praying and praying.

  22. So I smoked decently for the past year but not daily or weekly. And might be getting tested soon should I do the Macujo method plus bleach my hair because I don’t have money for the toxin rid. Also I heard that thc vapes would stay in your hair longer but does it also get removed when I detox?

  23. i failed. 6'1" 230. smoke about a half gram a week. smoked a few puffs on september 25th and took the test on october 4th giving me nine days clean. did macujo exactly as described except i used the neutrogena T/sal shampoo instead of clean and clear. T/sal has 3% salicylic acid and doesnt completely destroy your scalp. did macujo nine times and washed with the t/sal and aloe rid any other time i washed my hair. new towel and new shoewr cap everytime. washed all my clothes and got brand new bedding. the day before the test i bleached with 40 vol bleach for 30 minutes then dyed back to my normal color with 20 vol dye for another 30 minutes. after this my scalp was destroyed and still is so i was only able to do the t/sal and aloe rid the night after the bleach and the day of the test. did the ultra clean packet and then went on my way. test was at concentra and sent to psychemedics and they took the hair from my head though they tried to take from my body but i shaved the night before. available to answer any questions and have a half bottle of aloe rid i will sell for cheap if you want to give it a try.

  24. I haven’t smoked anything for 1 month and 20 days (present) and I still have 20 days left until my test. Note, I was a really heavy smoker…
    Would you recommend me to still go for it? or delay the test for another 30 days?

  25. I haven’t smoked in I’m certain almost 2 years but I’m around my boyfriend who does and smokes in the house and stuff and I also had to take some hydrocodone about a month ago from being in a car accident. I have my doctors info for that but I just want to make sure I’m good. Can I do this without that expensive ass shampoo and it works as back up to not smoking for years

  26. i have a bald head but I heard they also take hair from you arm pits. Is this method good for your arm pits too?

  27. I have a question . 1. can we us any other product instead of clean clear ? as Long it has 2%sylicol right 2. can we take a shower after the method? 3. how can we sleep to not contaminant? 4. by cross contaiment y'all mean anything with weed smell ?

  28. Can you replace aloe rid shampoo with another shampoo when doing the macujo method for a hair follicle for cocaine

  29. Quick Question I done meth and As im writting iam smoking some ,just being honest . iam Stoping today im planning on going to sweat it out and after do all types of detox i got do to a follicle this 17 . Can you tell me whats best to do other then quit now ?because i'am no Kidding .

  30. Hey quick question, I smoked about a month ago but I'm not a heavy smoker also did some coke about 3 weeks ago. What would you recommend, my test is in a week.

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