Louisiana Governor announces phased reopening of the state's businesses

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards announced the phased reopening of the state starting Friday, May 15.


  1. Yeah. Half my family had jobs that were shut down, and half of them never missed a day. Does the virus know the difference between essential and non-essential workers? Because the half of my family that worked everyday are just as healthy as the ones that stayed inside? 🤷🏻‍♀️. 35% of daycares stayed open, and their kids and workers aren’t sick. One of my sons worked at Market Basket and they didn’t shut down. The other worked at a restaurant that closed. They are both just as healthy and virus free.

  2. What’s the difference spending time in grocery stores or anything else that’s open verse everything that’s closed. If people use common sense in a grocery store they can use it anywhere else. This will be back and the government will be mad and the civilians are going to be fed up with the rules.

  3. So casinos can reopen if they register online with the fire marshals in their jurisdictions? Did I hear that right? That seems completely insane to me.

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