Louis CK – Explain The Meaning Of Being White (REACTION) – 😬😭 I Wanna Be WHITE Every Year

“I’m NOT saying WHITE PEOPLE are better, but we have it better” – Louis C.K. This man is bold asf with his stand up comedy. He spoke nothing but truth about …


  1. My current editing software doesn't allow me to post videos longer than 15 minutes lol, so that's why there was little to no commentary at the end.

    Comment "that's tough" so I can feel a bit better lol. But ya always appreciate y'all rocking with me and enjoying some comedy. I'm grateful you take the time out of your day to watch my videos. As always If It Doesn't FEED You, Don't WATER it, much luv. Oh and watch some more videos linked below 🙂

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  2. Actually, Columbus etc didn't think they were in India. They knew they were in the "West Indies". At that time they did NOT call the the country "India" anyway. So there was absolutely NO reason to call them "Indians". This is a common misunderstanding. What Columbus said was " En Dios" which (later became mispronounced by non-Hispanics as "indians") roughly means " with god". He was complimenting their lifestyle by saying the native Americans were living as god meant for humans to live. He was impressed by the purity of their existence, not that they were "Indians". He wasn't a complete moron.

  3. The word "Nigger" by itself doesn't mean anything in particular until you want it to mean something. It simply translates as "black" in what ever language of antiquity & it's current manifestation you choose. How a person feels, or is made to feel, upon hearing the word is dependent upon how they define or "see" the meaning of the word, and upon the intent or carelessness of the speaker. Louis CK demonstrates how using the word in discussion doesn't have to insult anyone. In fact he goes on further to say that people who use the phrase "the "N" word" are hiding behind it like cowards because they are not taking responsibility for making the listener use the word "nigger" in their minds. They are handing the word off to us like a hot potato instead of revealing how they themselves really feel about the words meaning & how they may view blacks as a whole.

  4. I've never given the black/white thing any thought. I mean, you live with the cards you're dealt. If I was black I wouldn't know what it's like to be white and that would be my normal. I'd still be me, just a different me.

  5. I am an EMT, and recently I had a patient who was a black lady born in 19 fucking 19. Talking to this lady was a god damned mind trip. She was a grown-ass woman when there were bathrooms and restaurants she couldn’t go into. Not “you aren’t welcome here,” but “put a foot in here and your ass is going to jail.” Very nice lady, and it’s a shame we are slowly losing people who can tell us more about how things were in the not-too-distant past.

  6. Louis ck is the least funniest famous comedian. Everything he does is built on false premises that he believes make him seem smart. Like his Christian environmentalist thing. God made a place that was perfect for us, it was called Eden. We got kicked out as a punishment to a place we were going to have to suffer and toil in. The fact he doesnt know Christians believe that destroys the whole jokes concept.

  7. I am white but a female. I would not want to go to the past and be discriminated because i am a woman. Of course we have it better now. I would not want to go to the past because technology was crapy and you died of any illness unlike today.

  8. It’s sad that it’s got to the point that I was expecting you to be angry at him saying nigger even with the right context, feels like people have made the word offensive even when not using it in an offensive way

  9. Bro, it's like you want to laugh at offensive shit, but you're too PC and just supress laughter and any fun out of the bits involving race. It's comedy, laugh, don't be a bitch.

  10. I think Burr contextualises much better than Louis. Although this forklift joke is genius.

    Not trying to say I know how that word works but from a writers perspective I think Burr shows a lot more empathy.

    By that I mean he probably has a lot more black mates. Haha

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