1. Not an asshole to vegans!?!?!? You sir just earned a new sub. I know it's not easy to stay sane when when most and, arguably, all of the loud ones make obscene claims. Thank You.

  2. i have been spending 1-2 hours (1-2 videos) literally pretty much studying the information you and Austin provide in the seminars or the Q/As, there is so much to learn on this channel, i'm literally making notes and highlighting certain things to do further research on my own. Thank you guys for what you do..

  3. In regard the the first question about cycling and knee pain, obviously you know more than me, and those are for sure valid points! But anecdotally, I also find clip in shoes uncomfortable for.my knees. Certain types dont allow much float of the foot, and you are locked into a toes straight forward position. Anatomically, I am comfortable as a toes out squatter, and I find clipped pedals put me in a position that doesnt work well with my body. If the pain came from no clips to clips, maybe that could be a factor?

  4. Jordan,

    I have a 1/2" tibial LLD. Shimming fucked up decades of compensation, leaving me in severe pain for about 1.5 years. I'm mostly recovered now. I can train all my lifts again, and I usually feel great. I have skill for transferring the forces in ways that keep me safe without the shim. Been doing it for almost 2 decades, aside from the mistake of trying shimming. After going through all of that, my final conclusion is that Epstein didn't kill himself.

    What do you think?

  5. Can strength training and heavy lifting cause pericarditis?
    I have had a sharp pain in my left chest every time I breathe deeply. Hunching forward reduces the pain and leaning back or laying down makes it increase when breathing deeply.

  6. Can you elaborate on why you solely go on scientific evidence on cbd and other supplements and herb? In England, there isnt the funding or large enough groups of people in studies to fully test thinks like milk thistle, ginger, rosehip, turmeric so they remain a "food supplement". Do you believe that all natural and alternative medicines do nothing?

  7. I have a very common question, I would like to get stronger, I currently fast because it fits my lifestyle. I weigh 148 pounds, I am 24 years old, what can I do? Any advice helps

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