Liberate2020 (02) Why Legalise Cannabis? by Viki Vaurora

To participate in Liberate2020 actively every week through 2020, please sign up at // Liberate2020 is a campaign project aiming to unite …


  1. The things you said are convincing…. But if you want to reach out to most people… Get someone who can do it in hindi … By doing that we have more chances to reach to the public on ground level.. who really needs to know this … People who have misconceptions you were talking about…… Keep up the good work ✌🏼

  2. ….The day it gets legalized in india I'm gonna quit my job and will work in the cannabis industry….(Your doing a fantastic job to free this plant…never give up)

  3. I don't know when India ll understand the benefits of this magical plant which cures several diseases without taking any pills and antibiotics. And now mother nature is ruling the world I hope this GANJA plant ll be legal here one day and save soo many lifes. Once you know about this you ll naturally change into a true human being. And this guy m following him from years still Viki is not giving up. Hattsoff brother so much inspired from you that you are thinking to save many life's. Hope people understand it's not a drug it's a god gift medicinal plant. #love #peace #shamboo✌️

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