Leo – Money, Wealth, Abundance | JUNE 2020

Here is a money message for the sign of Leo for the month of June 2020. Enjoy! Tarot decks: The Original Tarot …


  1. Yes, the judge will make a decision of which I have no control over. but I hope she will see that I was falsely accused! So I have no idea what is going to happen. very uncertain times. I acknowledge the organized stalking by the authorities against me, but it's still something I have no control over. So I just let it happen and pray and wait for better times.

  2. Definitely in thre process of changing my career direction and I really feel every since my daughter's father came back into the picture, I don't feel he's been real or upfront with me😏😒 I have my eye on him and I'm not giving him or no one else. Thanks for the heads up!!

  3. Wow the fact that you said to stop doing my work for free 😮 I have been doing readings for free a lot and I feel like I should charge.. this is my confirmation 👍🏾 I have joined an online community where we call each other “family” and I have been getting a lot of praise from my readings 😁

  4. thanks for your videos l have been following you now for some months but have to say nothing happens but listening to your new videos for june there is no real information in your readings never mind your voice is very nice but nothing happens l send you much love and healing l do wish you well but l think its time to switch over but thank you

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