LED Grow Light Placement and Coverage (Mars Hydro Review)

Today we’re looking at mid-tier LED grow lights in detail. This is a section of the market that’s highly competitive as new growers get into hydroponics and indoor …


  1. Here's a simplied chart of choosing a grow light.
    Plants require minimum 300 grams of light in a grow room that measures 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.5 m.
    Hps lights produce 0.5 g per watt.
    Led lights produce 1-1.5 g per watt.
    If you make the 300 g per growing area, that's what you'll need.

    6 sq ft (2×3)300w1-6 plants 9 sq ft (3×3)450w1-9 plants*12 sq ft (3×4)600w1-12 plants*16 sq ft (4×4)800w1-16 plants*

  2. This light is garbage i got one and the light was nothing its just a waist of money 💰 do not buy this led there are way better ones out there the spectrum of this is waked it will make your plants grow funny due to the way they have the spectrum set up

  3. I have a question for you man so I have 3 led lights one of the leds has cobs it is 250watt at the wall and the other 2 are just your regular dual chip leds 200watts each at the wall. I'm putting all 3 of them in the same space. how should I spread these lights out so I'm getting a even coverage from the lights? should I put the more powerful led in the middle and the less bright ones on each side of the brighter light? let me know

  4. What I've learned from growing is by keeping the light set to veg state, you can actually trick the plant into growing 'bigger'. Then when you are ready to switch over to the bloom/bud, you flip the lights over which tricks the plant into thinking its time to bud… Also another trick is the times to keep the light on vs off. Longer blue/purple light time, and less red times!

  5. Man I would love to have a light like that im in need of a light bad the only light i had left it was / and i was in the hospital and a wire got sucked up in it and burnt it up just about started a fire if anyone could help. Me out with a grow light i wil do a mail call video and a shout out on every video i need one in a bad way i got 7 plants that hasnt even got that much lightin the last week and a half my email is [email protected]gmail.com please shoot me a email and let me know and whoever helps me out jhat as soon as my plants finish under the light i will send them a care package in return a fat care package and thats on my word!!!!

  6. Am using one off theses if both lights are one is it using a lot off electricity because o had them both on for 18 hours and it's used over £5 electricity surey they can't use that much and help would be great thanks

  7. I live in vancouver canada purchased this light from amazon. It came with a bad diode. Called customer support they said there was a repair depot in vancouver. I sent it there. And 2 days later they shipped me a brand new one. They were super apologetic. And now been running it almost 2 year. No problems. Great customer service they even followed up numerous times.

  8. Have to say, one of the Best reviews I seen. Alot good info, and thanks for trying to clear things up for buyers. You should add an ad at the end, rarely do I say that, but think you deserve some pay back. Thanks.

  9. You're supposed to use to bothh lights for flower… its not even an option. Veg needs less light than flower. No need for the bloom during veg. Save money on electric. I have the exact same one. Thinking of getting 2 more because seems the coolest in temperature compared to other LEDs I tried. Need more coverage, I want the electric sky by way to much money.

  10. Great vid. I used this light for two grows now, veg worked fine but the bloom mode at the correct height in instructions burnt the hell out of my plants both times even when raised higher for the second grow and got minimal buds, really disappointed and will sell it and try another for this winters grow

  11. how can one say 450W HID equivalent and mean by it that it acts like 250W HID , that makes no sesne if its 450W EQ , then it acts like 450W HID , but it doesnt , more like 250W as said so im not saying video is missleading im talking about their labels

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