LA's Best Indica – May 2020 – Multi-Strain Marijuana Review – 15 strains

LA’s Best Indica – Multi-Strain Marijuana Review – 15 strains – May 2020 Strain Review Strains include: 1) Mac 1 – by Indoor Organic …


  1. Gary Payton checks off every possible box for me, and the ash is insanely clean. The smokes just so damn buttery smooth. That’s prolly my top flower of late 👌🏼 I’m not the biggest MAC fan for some reason, they always look killer though. Billy kimber has been one of my top for a couple years now 👽 it’s another good smoke, For a good price. Here on the central coast Medz4Less has it for 50 sometimes 45. Tax included in that price.

  2. Anything sold in bags is mass produced garbage for the most part.. you may get a good batch here and there if you’re lucky at dr green thumbs if u buy anything in bags. I don’t even trust anything in the jars from cookies or their associated brands

  3. I would never buy flower in bags again …most of the brands at dr green thumbs are sold in bags and they are dry and inconsistent batches. Also, I’ve bought cannatique, an associated brand to cookies, in a jar, but it was garbage also, not potent and dry… I wouldn’t buy anything from Cookies or any other of their associated brands.. especially at those prices…

  4. Good heavy hitter list💪 billy kimber is another favorite i had knee pain got some billy kimber and the pain left in 30min insane og is a good one as well and sooo true about the gary payton thats why i didnt go for it in like 3months, the batches was gettin weaker and weaker 😑. But imma still try that blue cruffin and mac 1 when it becomes available tonight i grabbed grandiflora lemonade to keep the party goin👍

  5. Great run down‼️👍 Number one for me from what I’ve tried…definitely the Whoa Si Whoa. Still want to try the Muerta, Khalifa Kush, and Billy Kimber which was just re-released as Geezy mentioned in updated bags. 🙏

  6. Could you do a top cerebral flowers in terms of strength? Hard to find top flowers for that

    I prefer cerebral whereas you don’t do not sure if you ever buy any

  7. I really need to get that IOG Mac 1, hope they are still around. I only saw it once at Sylmar but that was before I saw your review on it. Try the Billy Kimber in new bag at DTG Sylmar, that stuff usually runs out the same day they get it. Strong, lemon smell very gassy. I havent bought Gary Payton in months because it's definitely not the same like May 2019. That batch of GP was out of this world good, one of the best I've had. The Muerta is the real deal.

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