Kellyanne Conway breaks down facts of Flynn's unmasking

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway joins ‘Fox & Friends’ reacts to what former Obama administration officials are saying about the Michael Flynn …


  1. Where is the media on fairly reporting the corruption. In the Flynn case? Such hypocritical double standards when the democrats are the ones breaking laws. Its beyond time for everyone involved in all these abuses of power to be investigated, put on trial, and jailed for what they did. They destroyed a man's life so they should ne held accountable.

  2. Russian Collusion Delusion, so that Trump Tower meeting with Russians was really about adoptions and he was just joking when he said Russia if your listening and the Wiki Leaks dump was just a coincidence. I bet Manafort and Cohen wished it was a delusion.

  3. Wow Rick Bright the most butt hurt just research him it’s all about the money check out his past dealings who he worked for who funded the organization’s that he worked for it’s all part of the Plan.

  4. The Facts, LOL, Kellanne wants to review the facts. Which lie from Trump do you want to review as fact? Which conspiracy are we discussing today? Thank You Obama for unmasking Trumps criminals.

  5. "The Russia collusion, delusion, illusion." Indeed that's what it was.

  6. Looks like Kellyanne has gotten that miserable idiot husand of hers to shut up, finally. What a wretched thing to do to your wife who has been doing a fabulous job for this administration.

  7. Seems like Nancy wants to have ppl under the influence so they can pull the rug out from under them!! Now more than ever young ppl need to know Nasty Nancy doesn’t have their best interests heart!

  8. Here is the thing. Most Americans, myself included will probably not get the vaccine for fear there will be a microchip in it. I probably will not be getting the flu vaccine any more. It's not President Trump I fear, it's the others.

  9. i think its very cute that she is so pro-Trump , and her husband is so anti Trump. Must lead to some interesting pillow talk. In reality it is probably an indicator of how fake the whole thing is. All the bickering back and forth is more about making television, nothing to do with news, or the truth.

  10. Unmasking?? Doesn't that just mean spying on Americans? If so, isn't that still illegal without a court order? And doesn't that judge have to have facts to order that spying? Why are these people not in prison?

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